Taste of Spain LLC: Boost In The UAE Food Market With Premium Spanish Products

Mr. Lander Mardo founder of Taste of Spain LLC is Spanish and he visited the UAE since 2008. After a lifetime in Spain, getting knowledge about the food industry, Mr. Mardo shifted to the United Arab Emirates and realized there was a gap in the market and a possibility to introduce Spanish products to nations in the Middle East.

In 2009, he started his ample research in getting the most suitable available producers in Spain, that will be able to serve a great standard Spanish product at a competitive cost. Now, twelve years later, Taste of Spain has crystallized robust rapports with suppliers all around the Spanish region and getting ample knowledge of the most suitable available products.

They are manufacturers and growers of fresh products such as vegetables, fruits, and groceries. They are carefully choosing the most suitable producers in Spain, who can deliver a great standard product at a competitive cost. They give their clients the edge in speed, credibility, and responsiveness. Their partners are professionals in assembling agile networks that maintain prices low while ensuring their products get to their locations at exactly the correct time.

Their workhouse in Spain acts to consolidate shipments to increase volume and space, while their warehouse in Dubai emirate permits them to store these shipments for local distribution. The very crucial part of their supply chain is the final client. By keeping up with customer behaviors and trends, they ensure their selection of products is the most suitable, which can lead to ongoing purchases.

Taste of Spain specializes in premium produce distribution to the Middle East. The company has a team of agriculture professionals and commercials based in both the UAE and Spain permits them to keep a close connection with the growers and the clients and customers at the same time, to guarantee the delivery of great quality products in the market.  

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