Tatu Piilola and MMEC’s Growth and Journey in the UAE 

Tatu Piilola is the founder and CEO of the Milectria Middle East Cables LLC (MMEC). A subsidiary of Finland-based Milectria, MMEC manufactures advanced products through its Abu Dhabi headquarters and gives them to partners in the GCC nations.

Functions of the Milectria in Abu Dhabi and the UAE have been formed potential by Tawazun Economic Council’s offset project. That is what spreadhead MMEC to become a prime business in their sector in the UAE. MMEC is also available on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tatu Piilola has an outstanding and skilled team at MMEC. He is a client-focused and determined individual who controls his whole team to be committed. Moreover, he equally in his workers and sets the target to form trust with his clients and workers.

Milectria is an extending manufacturer of electrical systems with a product array including wire and cable saddles and electrical panels. They place a hefty focus on specialization and top-quality workmanship, and they grow, form, and manufacture their products for the very demanding atmosphere and complete customers’ requirements based on wider partnerships.

Milectria’s global clientele, which comprises a few of the very greatly regarded corporations in their own sectors, utilizes the products for both military appliances and industrial applications. MMEC belongs to a family of Milectria Group corporations. Apart from the UAE, they have manufacturing spots in Estonia and Finland. Their Abu Dhabi entity is the current formation spot.

They have this high prospect as of offset assignment of the Tawazun, sanctioned by the Tawazun Economic Council in 2018. With the high assistance of Tawazun and their clients, they were able to begin their business in Abu Dhabi.

They create and give military-grade electronic resolutions to their clients in Abu Dhabi. These comprise military cable and wire saddles, electrical panels, and assemblies. They give complete service in terms of repair services, sourcing of military electrical products, products group, and warehousing services.

Mr. Tatu explained – they are recently performing with amazing clients, several of them who are acting in global markets. They set the target to develop their Abu Dhabi office to give these services to all corporations in the UAE functioning in this very calling business. They watch a high benefit to be able to form portions of high-tech methods domestically in the UAE. They aim to form independent protection of supply to UAE military electronics.

They have an outstanding collection of experts, client-oriented workers. They listen to what their clients require. They advise various solutions and provide more useful than only one preferred product. They wish their rapport with clients to be more cooperative than only supplying products.

They follow their clients and give them services in all potential regions. Their clients are globally well-reputed corporations, and several of those are truly great. They have been prepared to begin localization and technology change for the needed locations. Client delightfulness is the key to success. By giving outstanding products and services to their clients, they have achieved a standing as trusted partners amongst greatly regarded corporations.

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