From the Ancient AGORA to One Global Cultural Sector 

A cultural leader with twenty years of experience in the culture sector. Ms. Reem Kassem began her career fairly early in her life when she was 17 following her graduation from the German School DSB in Alexandria. At a young age, she entered the Library of Alexandria’s Arts Departments and soon became the leader of working arts programming.

Her unique vision and progressive thoughts permitted her to become an icon in the Egyptian cultural sector leading many policy assignments and community-based industries. Reem Kassem was one of the prime directors who featured a thriving cultural ecosystem in Egypt by building new structures and guidelines for financing and capacity building and support for independent artists.

One of her major helps to society is her initiative to revive the thought of the antique AGORA. Ms. Reem established AGORA for Arts and Cultures in 2011 in Alexandria with the desire to increase inventive community involvement through education, promotion, and production of arts and culture. For the last ten years, AGORA has been a prime industry that donated to economic and social evolvement, moreover to many global enterprises in Lebanon, Sweden, Jordan, Morocco, France, and Tunisia amongst other nations. Her very notable industry is Bab ElBahr Festival, launched in 2011 putting in various public locations each year.

With a desire that isn’t only assignment-focused, but instead guidelines and Impact-focused, Ms. Reem has always considered the stability of the region’s shareholders individually and in the group. She excelled in building, testing, and executing new financing models that are now standing executed smoothly more than ten years later. From this School of thought, she watched the possibility of the hazard.

For her, as more as this was required at that time, she felt fear in artists sharing their performances with their audiences effectively free of expense at the start of the pandemic. Fund stability and copyright fear brought the thought of making a protected effective forum and equipment for artists to share their activity with their audiences while standing able to produce revenue. Reem also established with Eddie Hasweh, and Adnan Joubi during the pandemic in April 2020, complying with an in-depth analysis of artists and cultural functions in the sector and outside. is the first ticketed effective theatre in the sector, that greatly secures the content of its inventive utilizers. The podium has been hosting concerts since August 2020 and has formed thousands of subscribers in many nations. Basita also acts on forming the technical abilities of theatres in the MENA sector where the co-founder provides technical workshops and closely performs with the technical staff of the theatres to support them in guiding the broadcast technologies. Basita’s first live broadcast from the United Arab Emirates would be proudly from Etihad Arena – Abu Dhabi.

The Background of Her Company

She explained that – she established two corporations, AGORA and One is an education and cultural institute, and the other is a tech corporation. It shows their existence today. Culture and education adjusting technology.

AGORA is a cultural venture located in Egypt to increase inventive community engagement through education, promotion, and production of arts and culture. Her concentration in AGORA is one of the effect of arts and culture on societies, their well-being, and how this can assist them to have a good future. is a virtual theatre, a revenue-producing forum that joins inventors, theatres, and institutions with their audiences effectively and internationally. Their concentrate in Basita is stability and how they then evolve tools for the culture industry to become more robust in times of emergency and beyond. They wish the sector to constantly enrich their lives and decrease the funding hazards on inventors and cultural institutes.

What Are Her Goals?

She trusts that both corporations form on each other’s achievements. AGORA presents the effect of arts and culture on humanity, while delegates the sector to constantly bring that effect. Her biggest strengths are strength and work morale, and so are the power of her corporations. A robust track record and remarkable desire differentiate AGORA, and a cutting-edge technology that has been evolved internally by her partners differentiate Basita.

Why Did She Start This Company?

Both corporations were launched to get a big desire. AGORA for the district to involve the area and Basita for the stability of the sector. Both set the target to increase the cultural industry greatly to outline its intrinsic value. Their slogan in Basita is “One Global Cultural Sector”, and they set the target to get through evolving a stable ecosystem for culture. 

The Strategies of Her Company, and How do they Stand Remarkable from Her Rivals? 

AGORA has been close to the district. Its approach has been to involve more people, and this has so far succeeded in getting the inaccessible, delicate citizens, and needy districts. Basita has been remarkable with its amazing technology and the sharp brain behind it. The corporation owns the technology and does not utilize any external party software, making it capable to protect the content productively. 

Even with the technology, they have currently presented a technique that permits audiences from needy communities to get content without internet or costly data packages. 

The Key Values that Helped Her Overcome the Challenges in the Career 

This February, she has done twenty years of her career experience. The prime values that assisted her to overcome challenges are trusting in her dream, her skills, and what she is able to get, and never giving up! She is also very lucky to have outstanding partners that she can trust. 

What do you envision Basita as looking like in two years, and how do you envision yourself bringing that change about?

She explained – By watching young people from all around the globe purchasing tickets for Mohammed Abdo’s concert and by watching our technology standing capable to feature this kind of cultural involvement, and even make the capable reach to the harder-to-reach target units, I can say proudly that Basita has been evolving an ecosystem for a “One Global Cultural Sector” to combine and thrive. 

Not to forget the soft strength of culture and how making the capable reach of various cultural content to the inaccessible target units and increase cross-cultural exchange and mutual comprehending between nations. I watch myself paving the path for more reach and involvement with culture by constantly imagining the future and placing my dream into action.  

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