The Rise Of a Dream: Jay Foodstuff Trading LLC

What is your company name and contacts?

JAY Foodstuff is a trading company formed to create a marketplace for buyers and suppliers. Now its strategic services, the company gaining popularity throughout the UAE. They serve their clients with great urgency and make sure we deliver on time. They are fully committed to their suppliers and adhere to minimizing their issues whether it’s logistic support, financial assistance, or yearly commitment. 

Mr. Anil is a very inspirational person who has an unparalleled passion for the Food industry and has excelled in becoming one of the great entrepreneurs in the food industry in the UAE. He is an individual who believed in hard work to get all his targets done.

Now, Jay Foodstuff Trading formed its first alliance with MPS Foodstuff Trading. With a comprehensive reach in the fruit and vegetable sector, MPS Foodstuff Trading LLC is a reputed and renowned company and an expert in perishable products. Now after the alliance with MPS Dubai, with its quality products and quality services, MPS-JAY Foodstuff Trading LLC aims to create a global footprint. 

Who are the founders and co-founders of the company?

Mr. Anil Yadav is the founder of JAY Foodstuff Trading LLC and Mr. Supriyo Dey is a founder of MPS Trading LLC.  

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

JAY Foodstuff Trading LLC started in 2021. We work in two different verticals: perishable and non-perishable. Perishables (Fruits & Vegetables) are imported from various parts of the globe but mainly we rely on Indian regions. Non-perishables include Indian spices, masalas, rice (basmati & non-basmati), wheat flour refined, Chakki Fresh Atta, and pulses and we are soon launching our own brand across UAE. We have a huge supplier network across India and the rest of the world. 


JAY Foodstuff stands on core values of Trust, Transparency, and Accountability. We are completing our first anniversary on October 2022, it has been really a decisive year for JAY’s corporate family, and really want to thank all our worldwide buyers & suppliers who trusted and supported us from the beginning.

Still, we are in a growing phase and want to achieve more milestones in the coming years. Indeed, we are happy to announce our first-ever strategic alliance with MPS Dubai on our first anniversary.

Furthermore, we will use MPS-JAY Foodstuff Trading throughout our communications.

MPS Foodstuff Trading LLC has significant expertise in perishables and has a wide reach in the fruits & vegetables vertical. MPS also has a swift working pattern with its suppliers and buyers throughout the UAE market. They have recently started their operations and achieved a decent market share in Dubai’s fruits & vegetable market

MPS-JAY Foodstuff is operating from Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hosur (India) offices for Indian buyers & suppliers. Internationally we are operating from Oman, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, UAE. Very soon we are starting operations in Saudi Arabia and Qatar by the first quarter of 2023. MPS-JAY is aggressive towards creating global footprints with its quality products and quality services.  

The journey of founder and co-founders

Anil has finished a master’s degree in mass communication from England and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management. Consequently, after residing foreign for several years, He understanding the norms that the global markets hold for food, products, and their ingredients. 

He constantly had a fondness for the food industry as his ancestors were farmers and hence was constantly exposed to the basics of this venture. So, He decided to embark on the food sector and established a Jay Foodstuff Trading business. 

Besides Jay Foodstuff, He performed with many corporations in distinct domains, such as Faber & castle (FMCG ), Ogilvy & Mather (Global Advertising Agency), Solitaire (Real Estate Organisation), and so on.

MPS JAY Foodstuff Trading LLC Offering One Stop Solution

Despite, globalization and the digital world there are tremendous challenges to becoming an exporter. However, after Analysing challenges in export MPS-JAY has come up with a one-stop solution for existing and aspiring exporters. Even, existing exporters face challenges in various aspects, procurement, CHAs, high packing cost, heavy transportation & ocean freight, and finally finding a genuine importer and post-shipment payment guarantee. 

MPS-JAY is determined to provide one-stop solutions through integrated services:

● Procurement support

● Packing facility (cold storage)

● Economic local transport & Ocean freight

● Export guidance for aspiring exporters

● Payment guarantee

We thank our existing associates for showering their trust and confidence. So we want to say to our customers, connect with us and get the most trusted services, we will never let you down. 

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