Path to a Transformed Future: The Rise of Helion Ventures Builders

In an interview with the duo who are the co-founders of Helion Ventures Builders, Bojan Al Pinto Brkic, and Oliver von Wolff, shared their journey which will leave us inspired by their remarkable competence. They are the epitome of leadership and excellence which reflects in their dedication to their venture.

Both the pillars of Helion Ventures Builders, have their fair share of experiences and victories. The co-founder and the general partner, Bojan is a business strategist and an investor holding a financial service license. Oliver on the other hand, the CEO and the co-founder of the company, has an experience in executive management of over 15 years. Having abundant experience in world markets and industries, primarily in Europe and the Middle East, has him joining different advisory boards.

Discover more about their impressive voyage to becoming great entrepreneurs through our interview.

A complete journey of Ventures Builders? When you have started, how and where?

On being asked about starting the journey of the company, both the partners had one thing in common and that is the idea came to them naturally. They did not undertake any extensive planning for years.

Bojan said, he was a member of the equity fund board for 3 years and his erm was coming to an end. He wanted to be his own boss because he was sick of traveling on an airplane on the terms of others. He said “and I decided to become my own employer and master of my schedule. It didn’t cut my time at the airports, though.”

To this, Oliver added on by saying that he had tried it earlier with different ideas and he talked about the vitality of having good partners around you and not to be disheartened by the failures. The most crucial task is to execute your ideas.

Is worker energy significant to your company’s success?

On being asked this question, Bojan said, that their company holds true to the style of laissez-faire as long as the employees are up for taking accountability for their actions in the strategy and results.

He added, without employees, the company will not be able to achieve the success that it strives for. Employee value cannot be justified through a balance sheet as it is innumerable. This is why it is quite evident that in many corporates, start-ups value the workforce more than large companies.

Oliver continued by saying that motivation comes with responsibility. So, it is very important t give your employees responsibility and have faith in them so that they can grow professionally and personally. I do not question that they need constant motivation and control. But motivation gets inculcated in them through self-discovery. For employees to be more apprehensive of the company, the leaders need to understand them better and engage more with them.

How do you incorporate creative ideas to differentiate yourself?

Bojan answered this question by saying that constantly being surrounded by people who think outside of the box is the key to staying creative. He also added on by saying that each of their victories revolve around a unique idea.

What strategies do you have in mind to inspire your team?

On being asked this, both the members had one thing in common, their style of leadership and motivation. Oliver said, “The management needs to engage with the employees more often and understand them and promote the ones that outshine the most.”

Bojan replied by saying “Being relaxed but always intrigued” is the leadership style that the follows in order to inspire the team.

Oliver added further, “Open, honest, straightforward, positive, a team player, challenging, inspiring, open doors, sustainable, results-driven, taking actions and responsibility, empathic and solution-oriented,” are the qualities that he incorporates in his leadership style to keep the employees get going.

How does the company plan to achieve its goals?

The venture is getting into the chokehold of digital evolution. Oliver enlightened us on this by saying, that “digital mutation is taking place at all times and as leaders, we must ask where does it make sense and where it doesn’t?”

He further added on by saying, “Every industry is facing a moment of truth, especially the banking and financial industries. Investing in infrastructure today will benefit tomorrow. Inculcating digitalization will have a different image of a venture capitalist in the future. The question is what is the future? Blockchain, crypto, cloud solutions, Web3, and Metaverse. It is crucial to incorporate these technologies and adapt them to the ways of the company.”

What motivates you to persevere through difficult times?

The main aim of the venture is client satisfaction. Delivering the best to the clients is the driving force for the company to strive for better results.

Bojan told, “We attempt to position ourselves to provide the best results to our investors and our targets by taking positions at appropriate times. Though we value long-term relationships, we also think that having adequate expectations is important.”

Oliver concluded by saying, “At our company, what we do is not only our passion but also a fun activity for us. Long passed are the days when giving money and waiting was done. Today, being in direct contact with investment is important. Being in close proximity to the operations helps you gain success and counter risks.”

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