The Rise of MODENA 

While hunting for inventive points near us, we came across “MODENA.” We detected that MODENA has a remarkable thought and gives technological superiority in the sort of inventive home appliances, viable energy resolutions, and other such products. We attempted to reach Michael Jizhar, The Executive Vice President of MODENA.

MODENA always comes up with remarkable thoughts and amazes the clients, clearly differentiating themselves from rivals. The previous year, the company merged with Marvel and began giving superhero-themed appliances, MODENA also has social media existence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Michael is a dynamic predictor who concentrates on forming the future. He comes up with inventive concepts regarding linking the globe. He set the target to do it by combining the house, mobility, and the city. He concentrates on giving a smooth pilgrimage to people that make lives more comfortable via the outcomes and resolutions he presents through MODENA and his multifarious network of corporations.

Explain the background of yourself and your company 

My late grandfather Tomas Jizhar was the earlier futurist who began MODENA and visualized making lives smoother in the late 1960s. This began with only a manufacturing feature formed for home appliances in Emilian Romagna, Italy. In 1981, the entire corporation acquired its European partners and moves its production, analysis, and evolvement to Asia.

While house appliances today are considered commonplace, back in the day, the washing machine and a dishwasher were inventions that formed the life of people easy. MODENA has given more than only home equipment in the previous decade, extending into spots like Mobility solutions, Aerospace, Energy, Medial equipment, and commercial products.

What are your goals? 

We desire to be ambitious energy toward the connected globe, guiding us to a better future. We set the target to make an ecosystem in our corporation that links the thought of home, city, and transportation. We set the target to smoothly reach a future where people live at leisure with technology and utilize its benefits.

For instance, in case I’m in the office and going in a car, I can change the lights, cooler, and AC in our house online so that the atmosphere of the home and the climate are all set when I reach home. This makes life smoother and guides us to a future for the smooth and convenient for people.

What do you think is the biggest strength of yourself and company right now? 

Our top power is the portion of fondness we bring to everything we do. As a corporation, we are culturally distinct, with young people as young as 22 taking remarkable posts in the corporations. Most corporations appoint older people in our industry because of the experience aspect.

Whereas here, we are like forming blocks of huge desires for young and dynamic people to have a robust send of fondness. To get such targets, we do to the expand of performing around 14 hours regularly.

We start the day at 8 am and end at 10-11 pm on a normal day. We have a thought that there is no shortcut to achieving victory. In comparison to the rivals, we can get everything half the time as we are performing more than the general time.

What are the biggest challenges you have to overcome?

Getting people to trust in your desire. Today, most, in case not all of our partners wish to perform with us as they trust in our desire. We require people to trust in our desires and that we can get the same concurrently. In the GCC, we joined a formal rapport with Al-Futtaim to define us.

Nonetheless, the journey was not easy as it took an entire year for them to agree to perform with us. Then, I had the honor of having our desire to distinct nations, comprising Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Serbia, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkey, Uzbekistan, and more.

The very difficult part is when people do not trust in our desire – I would not say anybody hates our desire, but sometimes some people like to reside in the position quo – we need to get back up till they ultimately come on board. This is a journey, and that is what I’ve done.

What are the company’s strategies, and how do they stand different from your competitors?

Our corporation is organized in a manner that we have a centralized structure. What we accomplish is all a component of this structure linked to each other. They are categorized as reputed entities. We have TV, advanced home appliances perks, solar panels and solar batteries, electric scooters, and a lot more.

This is a lot more convenient when we have a centralized approach for these. Our cohesiveness, desire, and fondness make us different. We vary in how we form and how we are controlled as a corporation. Many people at a young age were enhanced rapidly in case they demonstrated excellence in our corporation. This does not matter in case they have extensive experience or not. In case they possess talents and demonstrate excellence, then they are capable of upgrading.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

Nowadays, many times, we wish to conduct very quickly and elegantly. Within the previous 2 years, we are authorized as a startup within a huge corporation. Although, we have been performing very tough to slap robust corporate management and a system of management in control. When you are conducting as a startup, even at a corporate range, we are functioning quicker, and you would watch outcomes more productively.

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