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What are your company name and contacts?

Company Overview is a transportation and logistics company that provides transfer services to travelers, primarily focusing on airport transfers, city-to-city transportation, and other related services. With a presence in London and a global reach, the company aims to offer convenient and reliable solutions for travelers seeking efficient transportation options.

Contact Information

Phone: +44 20 3885 3970


Headquarters Address: UNIT 1706B, 17/F., TOWER B,





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Who are the founders and co-founders of the company?

Me, Alexander Pershikov, the founder of, a leading global travel mobility marketplace for seamless transfers, chauffeur services, hourly car rentals, and travel taxis powered by tenders. Our platform simplifies travel with competitive pricing and a range of options. Alongside me, Alexander Sapov, the CEO and co-founder, brings transportation expertise and business development insight. Our commitment to safety, convenience, and customer satisfaction drives us. Our transportation services reach a global market and focus on providing dependable and comfortable options for travelers. At, we redefine travel mobility by connecting people with efficient and top-notch transportation solutions.

 A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where? 

Originating from a personal necessity, emerged in 2015 to address the demand for affordable and seamless travel mobility. My own experience of an 800 euro transfer expense from Courchevel to Geneva prompted a change. Upon discovering a 400-euro online alternative, the concept of took shape.

In a mere four years, we’ve progressed from a startup to the premier global travel marketplace spanning 180 nations. Our mission shifted from delivering economical mobility solutions to pairing them with exceptional hospitality. Presently, signifies excellence and unmatched affordability in travel, extending convenience and budget-friendliness to explorers worldwide.

The journey of founder and co-founders?

Fusing a lifelong passion for technology, physics, and mathematics with a profound grasp of economics, my journey marries education and professional acumen. With a finance and economics background, I’ve harnessed my expertise and travel enthusiasm to birth—a platform streamlining travel rides. Today, we expand our offerings, enabling intercity rides and securing optimal prices for global business-class taxis. My mission is unceasing: revolutionize travel through technology and insights, rendering travel experiences seamless and attainable. The narrative’s genesis lies in Courchevel, yet it’s my partner and dear friend, Alexander Sapov, who actualized An intrepid globetrotter, he’s traversed the world, immersing in diverse transportation landscapes. United by our knowledge, we unveil the realm of economical transfers via


Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

Catering to a wide spectrum of clients, welcomes a varied demographic including global tourists, business travelers, families, and individuals seeking seamless transfer experiences. Spanning over 180 nations, our platform boasts millions of satisfied users, attesting to its reliability and convenience. The commendations we gather emphasize our affordability, user-friendliness, and credibility, confirming our adeptness at meeting the diverse needs of travelers worldwide.

What support do you need from the public and customers?

The steadfast loyalty of our clients reflects our deep concern, evident in their continual return. Their support and feedback hold immense value as we push the boundaries of travel convenience. Our mission is simple: Comfort surpasses VIPs; it’s universally attainable. Affordability is now a reality without compromising quality. We warmly invite everyone to join us in sharing the message that comfort isn’t confined to the privileged or costly. With their support, we’re reshaping travel into a more accessible and enjoyable endeavor for all.

Is there any breakeven?

In the path of each startup, hitting the break-even point signifies a crucial accomplishment, spotlighting operational efficiency. At, we’ve not only achieved this landmark triumphantly but gone beyond—generating consistently positive EBITDA figures that underscore our financial stability and expansion. This achievement underscores our adept strategic planning, seamless execution, and the robust demand for our services. Our trajectory involves sustaining this momentum and continually elevating our offerings to cater to the dynamic requirements of our clients in the travel mobility sphere.

Your website and social media pages.


You can find out more about and its services by visiting their official website at The website serves as a comprehensive hub where users can explore the range of transfer services offered, learn about the company’s mission and values, access booking options, and gather information about how the platform works.

YouTube Channel

To visually understand the workings and advantages of, you can visit their YouTube channel at Here, you’ll likely find videos that showcase the user experience, demonstrate the ease of booking transfers, and provide insights into the various services offered. The channel can be an engaging resource for potential customers to better comprehend the platform’s offerings.

Instagram Page

For a glimpse into the world of, their Instagram page offers a visual journey . Through posts and stories, you can expect to see snapshots of satisfied customers, behind-the-scenes glimpses, updates on new services, and perhaps even travel tips or inspiration. It’s a platform that connects with a younger and more visually-oriented audience, providing a dynamic and relatable portrayal of the brand.

Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

We actively seek investors to join our journey at, recognizing strategic investment’s potential to amplify growth. We welcome vision-aligned partners eager to contribute to our innovative startup’s advancement. Our investment focus centers on robust EBITDA performance, highlighting operational profitability and sustainable growth. We invite potential investors with checks starting from $5 million, ensuring alignment with strategic goals and meaningful progress. This underscores our belief in the platform’s travel mobility value. We aspire to partner with those sharing our ambition for expansion, innovation, and excellence in the travel industry.


Message to your customers and viewers 

Our dedication drives your journey. In 2023, we celebrate 8 years of remarkable innovations, from SLAs to Diamond car selections, and VIP Concierge, all at unprecedented prices. is redefining travel mobility, making it accessible, enjoyable, and convenient. With your trust, we’ve cultivated a community that believes in seamless transfers. Whether families exploring or professionals venturing, your stories inspire our innovation. Our commitment is steadfast—providing an enduring experience, not just a service. Your feedback guides, your support fuels, and your trust propels us. The future holds exciting innovations to elevate your life. We appreciate having you by our side as we travel through our journey.

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