Driving Innovation – The Story of Leopart.kz,  Auto.kz & WebSHop4U.ae  Revolutionizing The Automotive Industry

Introducing Auto.kz & WebSHop4U.ae, a pioneering platform revolutionizing the automotive industry landscape in Kazakhstan and beyond. Founded by Yevgeny Achin and Dias Chukobayev, graduates of the Zhukovsky Engineering Academy in Moscow, Auto.kz has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of auto parts distribution. With a vision to streamline the supply chain and enhance accessibility for businesses and consumers alike, Yevgeniy and Dias embarked on a journey to develop a comprehensive digital solution that would transform the way automotive products are sourced, purchased, and distributed. 

Through years of dedication, innovation, and strategic partnerships, Leopart.kz & Auto.kz  has successfully positioned itself as a leading player in the market, offering a seamless platform that caters to the diverse needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and individual car owners. 

From simplifying inventory management to providing a user-friendly interface for online purchases, Auto.kz is committed to driving efficiency, transparency, and profitability across the automotive ecosystem. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Auto.kz and explore the unparalleled opportunities it brings to the automotive industry in Kazakhstan and beyond.

What is your company name?

Company Name: LEO PARTS FZ-LLC

Address: Rakez Business Zone, Business Center 04, B303A, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Mobile (WhatsApp): +971-56-169-7560

Who are the founders and co-founders of Auto.kz?

Auto.kz (known as WebShop4U.ae in UAE) was founded by Yevgeny Achin and Dias Chukobayev, both graduates of the Zhukovsky Engineering Academy in Moscow. 

A complete journey about Auto.kz? When you have started, how and where?

After completing their studies at the Aviation Academy, Evgeny, and Dias, the co-founders, gained valuable experience working in aviation equipment maintenance. Drawing from their expertise in IT technologies and involvement in numerous projects, they conceived ideas for optimizing spare parts supply. Subsequently, they transitioned to the realm of banking software solutions at IBM Kazakhstan. Just as cars require regular part replacements, aviation equipment also necessitates ongoing maintenance, reflecting the evolving demands of the market.

Hence, they resolved to establish their venture specializing in wholesale auto parts distribution. During that period, Kazakh wholesalers relied on fax or email to submit spare parts requests to suppliers. This method necessitated the use of specialized catalogs for part searches, VIN identification, and assessing staff qualifications. The process was cumbersome and often resulted in delays.

The operational chain comprised several sequential stages: Initially, the wholesaler sent a part request to the supplier. Upon receipt, the supplier conducted a verification process to ensure the part’s compatibility with the relevant machine, utilizing the VIN for reference. Following this, the supplier communicated with the wholesaler, confirming the availability of the requested goods either within their warehouse or that of a partner.

Upon receiving this clarification, the wholesaler responded accordingly regarding the order. Subsequently, upon approval of the order by the wholesaler for their clientele, they proceeded to request an invoice from the supplier for payment. Once the invoice was generated, the customer was invoiced accordingly, and upon receipt of funds, proceeded to make payment to the wholesaler. Upon confirmation of the payment by the accounting department, the wholesaler’s order was transmitted to the warehouse for fulfillment.

These procedures typically consumed an average of 3-4 days or even longer, involving numerous individuals who were susceptible to errors or oversight. Leveraging their engineering background and business acumen, Eugene and Dias embarked on a mission to streamline the process. They identified the most advanced suppliers in the UAE and sought access to their warehouse accounting systems via API. Subsequently, they acquired a server and established it within a data center in Kazakhstan. This marked the commencement of their software development endeavor, aimed at testing and refining the system with suppliers, customers, and their team members. 

After years of diligent effort, Eugene and Dias successfully automated the entire lengthy order process, significantly reducing the required time. Today, thanks to the platform they developed, wholesalers and car owners alike enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Effortlessly selecting spare parts based on VIN, model, brand, or part name, ensuring error-free selection.
  • Easily locating the best deals from across the globe in record time or at the most competitive prices.
  • Ordering and payment are now available 24/7 through a variety of methods, including cards and banking applications. Customers can conveniently track the status of their orders and choose a preferred pick-up point for order receipt.

In our journey of cloud solution development, we’ve crafted a platform that facilitates collaboration with B2B clients across 20 cities and 50 locations. This versatile platform serves various purposes: insurance companies utilize it for assessing damages post-accidents, while private entrepreneurs leverage it to establish bespoke online stores for selling auto products without the need for developing an entire automation system.

Expanding our reach, we recently ventured into the GCC/MENA region by establishing a company in the United Arab Emirates. Our presence was further solidified by our participation in the Automechanika exhibition, where we showcased the platform’s potential to prospective partners.

The journey of founder and co-founders?

Dias Chukobaev, CEO of the company, manages the company, finances and attracts strategic partners.

Evgeny Achin – Digital Director is engaged in the development of IT infrastructure (servers, software, developers) and digital marketing. 

Together they have developed a platform that is an innovative and leading solution in the field of automating the supply of auto parts

Who are your customers? And have you supplied it to anyone? What is the feedback?

Our platform caters to a diverse clientele comprising manufacturers of auto parts, motor oils, and accessories, as well as car sales centers, insurance companies, owners of auto parts stores, and car repair shops.

In addition, our retail consumers of automotive products sourced through our platform include mechanics and suppliers serving enterprises with a fleet of cars, along with individual car owners themselves.

Hence, our platform functions as an interconnected ecosystem, facilitating seamless collaboration across the entire supply chain, from manufacturers to end consumers. Within each category, we boast satisfied customers who enthusiastically recommend our solution to their friends and business associates.

However, it’s worth noting that certain wholesale customers prefer not to disclose their association with us. This discretion stems from their desire to prevent competitors from gaining access to our platform and potentially leveraging the same competitive advantages.

What support do you need from the public and customers?

Within every customer segment, our priority is to attract new users who will actively participate in the process.

For motorists, we anticipate widespread utilization of our solution in their daily lives. This includes managing spare parts and lubricants through our digital service book, placing orders, and recommending our platform to friends by sharing their referral links to earn bonuses.

We eagerly anticipate business customers, such as shops and service stations, to establish their own online stores on our platform. Furthermore, we encourage auto parts manufacturers to embrace the M2C (manufacturer-to-customer) concept, leveraging our platform to promote their brands through online stores.

Is there any breakeven?

During the initial 2-3 years, our focus was on solution development, launch, technology testing, and shifting customer perceptions towards a new concept. Profitability wasn’t a primary concern during this period. We invested our funds along with those of our partners, reinvesting all earnings back into the business. As customers recognized the convenience, speed, and error-reduction benefits of our platform, adoption rates steadily increased.

Previously, challenges extended beyond development to include product promotion and marketing. Today, these aspects are streamlined, with our team possessing expertise in digital marketing. Platforms like Google and Yandex recognize our credibility, granting us media status along with corresponding privileges.

Your website and social media pages.

Website: WebShop4U.ae , Leopart.ae , Leonet.kz, Auto.kz, Leopart.kz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dias.damirovich/ 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dias-chukobayev/

Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

We welcome potential investors interested in fostering further expansion of our business.

Message to your customers and viewers 

For manufacturers and wholesalers, we aim to digitalize your operations by establishing an online store on our platform, thereby reducing the distance goods travel from the factory to the customer and increasing profitability.

For end consumers, our goal is to ensure fair pricing and provide products from trustworthy sources. We encourage users to recommend our platform to friends and earn bonuses in return.

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