Top Startups In UAE 2023

The UAE is rapidly emerging as a prime destination for travelers seeking a luxurious and extravagant city getaway. Visitors come to indulge in high-end shopping, revel in the vibrant nightlife, and savor the opulence of Dubai’s streets. This bustling epicenter of activity significantly bolsters the UAE’s thriving economy, which hosts a myriad of burgeoning startups. However, the country’s economic surge isn’t solely attributed to its nightlife and tourism. The UAE has witnessed rapid growth across multiple sectors, including retail, real estate, e-commerce, and the oil and gas industry. Notably, Top Startups In UAE played a pivotal role in securing a remarkable $700 million in funding during the first half of the previous year.

List of Leading Top Startups In UAE 2023

1.  Fenix Games – Pioneering the Future of Gaming

  • Year of Establishment – 2022
  • Headquarters – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Company Size – 1-10
  • Co-Founders: Chris Ko and Rudy Koch

In the vibrant landscape of the Top Startups In UAE, Fenix Games stands out as a noteworthy player. Established in 2022 and headquartered in Dubai, this innovative company is charting a unique path in the gaming industry. Fenix Games is dedicated to the development and publication of games in the Web 3.0 space. Their vision extends beyond entertainment; they aspire to create an environment where players can not only have fun but also earn while enjoying their favorite games.

Fenix Games

Additionally, the company is poised to venture into the Web 2.0 gaming domain, showcasing its versatility and forward-thinking approach. Since its inception, Fenix Games has attracted significant investment, securing a total funding of $150 million to support its expansion and innovation efforts. In the dynamic world of startups, their most recent funding round took place in November 2022, marking another milestone in their journey towards reshaping the gaming industry.

2.  Alaan – Transforming Corporate FinTech

  • Year of Establishment – 2020
  • Headquarters – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Company Size – 11-50
  • Co-Founders – Karun Kurien and Parthi Duraisamy

In the bustling hub of Dubai, a FinTech startup is making significant waves. Alaan, established in 2020 and headquartered in Dubai, is at the forefront of financial innovation. Alaan specializes in the FinTech sector and has a distinct focus on corporate finance. Their core offering revolves around providing corporate cards tailored for businesses operating across the Middle East. What sets Alaan apart is its unique approach to corporate cards, allowing businesses to effortlessly distribute these cards to their employees.


These cards come with pre-coded sets of limitations and usage parameters, simplifying financial management for enterprises. Alaan has been on a remarkable funding journey, demonstrating its appeal and potential within the industry. In their most recent milestone, the company successfully raised a substantial $4.5 million in a Pre-Series A Round in January 2023, signifying their commitment to reshaping corporate finance in the region.

3.  Tabby – Transforming Retail Finance in the UAE

·         Year of Establishment – 2019

·         Headquarters – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

·         Company Size – 101-250

·         Co-Founders – Daniil Barkalov and Hosam Arab

In the heart of Dubai, a revolutionary FinTech startup has emerged. Tabby, founded in 2019 and headquartered in Dubai, is reshaping the dynamics of retail finance and becoming one of the Top Startups In UAE Tabby operates in the dynamic FinTech sector and offers an innovative solution that empowers consumers to manage their purchases more flexibly.


Tabby, customers have the option to extend their payment terms, allowing them to make interest-free monthly payments over four months, thereby liberating their finances for other essential expenses. Since its beginning, Tabby has experienced substantial growth and garnered substantial investor interest. Notably, in its most recent funding round, the company achieved a remarkable feat by raising an impressive $58 million. This infusion of capital catapulted the company’s valuation to over $660 million, a testament to its potential and the transformative impact it is having on the retail finance landscape.

4.  The Giving Movement – Where Fashion Meets Social Responsibility

·         Year of Establishment – 2020

·         Headquarters – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

·         Company Size – 51-100

·         Founder – Dominic Nowell-Barnes

In 2020, The Giving Movement, a pioneering social enterprise, took root in the bustling metropolis of Dubai. Founded by Dominic Nowell-Barnes, this UAE startup has set out to redefine the fashion industry by intertwining style with a strong commitment to social responsibility. The Giving Movement operates on a global scale, offering a diverse range of clothing and accessories to individuals worldwide.

The Giving Movement

What sets this enterprise apart is its unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing. With a focus on these principles, The Giving Movement ensures that every piece of clothing in its lineup adheres to stringent environmental and ethical standards. This Dubai-based startup has witnessed significant growth and attracted investments to support its mission. Notably, in March 2022, The Giving Movement completed a Series A Round, securing a substantial $15 million in funding. This financial boost has fueled the company’s expansion and fortified its position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of socially responsible fashion.

5.  Huspy – Pioneering Homeownership Through Fintech

  • Year Founded – 2020
  • HQ – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Size – 101-250
  • Founders – Jad Antoun, Khalid Ashmawy

In 2020, in the heart of Dubai, Huspy emerged as one of the trailblazing and Top startups In UAE, poised to revolutionize the real estate and financial technology (FinTech) sectors. Founded by the dynamic duo of Jad Antoun and Khalid Ashmawy, Huspy embarked on a mission to simplify the complex journey to homeownership. Operating in the FinTech market, Huspy is committed to making homeownership more accessible and transparent for consumers.

_Huspy – Pioneering Homeownership Through Fintech

The company has created a platform that empowers individuals to make informed decisions when it comes to acquiring fairly priced loans for their dream homes. By leveraging technology, Huspy has facilitated thousands of people in making sound mortgage choices, effectively helping them step onto the property ladder. Huspy’s journey has seen it secure several rounds of funding, a testament to the company’s vision and success. Notably, in June 2022, Huspy completed a Series A Round, attracting a substantial $37 million in investments. This injection of funds has further propelled their mission to reshape the real estate and financial landscape, making homeownership dreams a reality for many.

6.  Zenda – Revolutionizing Education Payments with FinTech

  • Year Founded – 2021
  • HQ – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Size – 51-100
  • Founders – Haseed Ahmed, Raman Thiagarajan

In the vibrant city of Dubai, the UAE welcomed a groundbreaking startup in 2021, Zenda. Founded by Haseed Ahmed and Raman Thiagarajan, Zenda embarked on a mission to transform the way families manage and pay their children’s school fees. Zenda operates in the realm of financial technology (FinTech) and caters to families seeking a more convenient and rewarding approach to educational expenses. The platform introduced by Zenda enables parents to easily pay their children’s school fees while unlocking a world of benefits.


Families are not only able to streamline these payments but they also get rewarded for doing so. Additionally, Zenda offers the flexibility of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) options for spreading out educational expenses. Zenda has successfully navigated several funding rounds, a testament to its innovative approach and positive impact on families. Notably, in April 2022, the company concluded a Seed Funding Round, securing an impressive $9.4 million in investments. These funds have propelled Zenda’s mission to ease the financial burden of education for families while ensuring that the learning journey remains a rewarding experience.

7.  Flare Network – Pioneering Blockchain Innovation

  • Year Founded – 2019
  • HQ – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Size – 11-50
  • Founders – Hugo Phillion, Naïri Usher, Sean Rowan

Flare Network, established in 2019 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has rapidly risen to prominence as a leading player in the blockchain market. This innovative startup, co-founded by Hugo Phillion, Naïri Usher, and Sean Rowan, has made substantial contributions to the world of blockchain technology. Flare Network’s primary focus is on blockchain development, where it has created an EVM Layer 1 blockchain. This groundbreaking blockchain technology is designed to facilitate the sharing of data from the standard internet and other chains, effectively expanding the utility and functionality of the blockchain.

Throughout its journey, Flare Network has attracted significant attention and funding and has grown as one of the Top Startups In UAE. The company has completed three rounds of startup funding, underscoring its potential and the value it brings to the blockchain space. During the most recent round, held in June 2021, Flare Network secured an impressive $11.3 million in funding, marking a key milestone in its mission to drive blockchain innovation and data sharing. Flare Network’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology has positioned it as a notable player in the industry, with its EVM Layer 1 blockchain offering new possibilities for data sharing and utilization in the blockchain ecosystem.

8.  Matic – Elevating Home Cleaning Services

  • Year Founded – 2016
  • HQ – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Size – 101-250
  • Founder – Mohamed Samad

Matic, a Dubai-based startup established in 2016 by founder Mohamed Samad, has been making significant strides in the realm of home cleaning services. Dedicated to simplifying the lives of city residents, Matic offers a streamlined and efficient approach to booking professional cleaners for their homes. The core of Matic’s service revolves around its advanced booking tool, which provides residents with rapid access to cleaning professionals. Once an appointment is made, Matic ensures that the cleaning staff arrives promptly and offers competitive rates for their services. This commitment to convenience and affordability has made Matic a trusted choice for countless individuals seeking to maintain clean and welcoming living spaces.


While Matic has established itself as a go-to platform for home cleaning, it’s important to note that the company has not recently pursued additional startup funding. The most recent funding round was conducted in 2017 when Matic successfully raised $3 million. This investment was instrumental in enhancing the company’s operations and bolstering its position as a leader in the home cleaning services sector. Matic’s enduring commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with its focus on service quality and affordability, continues to resonate with residents of Dubai. Through its user-friendly booking tool and dedicated cleaning professionals, Matic has carved out a niche for itself in the competitive home cleaning services market.

9.  YallaMarket – Your 15-Minute Grocery Delivery Solution

  • Year Founded – 2021
  • HQ – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Size – 51-100
  • Founders – Leonid Dovbenko, Stanislav Seleznev

In the bustling metropolis of Dubai, a dynamic and one of the Top Startups In UAE called YallaMarket emerged in 2021, founded by Leonid Dovbenko and Stanislav Seleznev. YallaMarket has swiftly made its mark in the e-commerce sector by offering a convenient and rapid grocery shopping solution. The company’s mission is simple but transformative: to deliver essential groceries directly to users’ doorsteps within an astonishing 15-minute timeframe.One of the most common inconveniences in modern urban life is the last-minute scramble for forgotten groceries. YallaMarket understands this struggle and addresses it with a seamless and efficient platform.


Users can access the YallaMarket app or website, browse through a wide range of grocery items, and place their orders. Within just 15 minutes, their essential groceries are delivered, saving them time, effort, and the stress of last-minute shopping trips.YallaMarket’s commitment to providing a reliable and swift grocery delivery service has garnered attention and support, leading to successful funding rounds. The most recent of these funding endeavors was a Bridging Round conducted in February 2022, during which YallaMarket secured $2.2 million. This infusion of capital has allowed the company to further expand its operations and enhance its capabilities.

10.  NymCard – Empowering Businesses in the Digital Financial Realm

  • Year Founded – 2018
  • HQ – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Size – 11-50
  • Founders – Ayman Chalhoub, Omar Onsi

In the heart of Abu Dhabi, a pioneering UAE startup, NymCard, emerged in 2018. Founded by Ayman Chalhoub and Omar Onsi, NymCard has been making significant strides in the dynamic world of FinTech. The company’s mission is to empower businesses by providing them with the fundamental components necessary for their card-issuance projects, including cutting-edge digital-first bank cards.The innovative solution offered by NymCard is revolutionizing the way businesses approach their card-issuance initiatives.


In a world where digital payments and financial services are gaining prominence, NymCard’s platform equips businesses with the tools and capabilities to navigate this digital landscape effectively.NymCard’s journey has been marked by substantial growth and success, reflected in its impressive track record of securing substantial funding. The most recent funding round, conducted in June 2022, amounted to an impressive $22.5 million. This substantial investment underscores the confidence that investors have in NymCard’s vision and the solutions it provides to businesses.

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