Travel Anywhere in Dubai Easily by Dubai’s Public Transport 

Dubai has a wider and well-connected public transport system that is cost-effective, quick, and comfortable. Driving in the emirate is very costly because this gets added costs such as driving license fees, car fees, fuel charges, etc. Several people in the emirate like to utilize the different public transport methods rather than driving which is stable and inexpensive at the same time. The Road and Transport Authority gives the transport and manages the roads and traffics in the emirate.

Several kinds of public transport are obtainable for tenants and travelers to utilize in the emirate. Every transport effortlessly and efficiently connects each portion of the emirate. Let’s take a look.

Dubai Metro 

The Dubai metro is a very famous public transport in the emirate. This permits you to travel in an advanced, automated railway system. This gives you a variety of different services with deluxe features. There are two metro lines – the Green lines, and the Red line. The red line begins from the middle point station and ends at Expo 2020 station and the green line begins from Etisalat station and ends at Creek Station with Burjuman and Union stations standing as two convertible stations. The metro smoothly links several commercial and residential spots while also stopping near many of the emirate’s top appeals. The metro is most comfortable to utilize, it also has three individual coaches, particularly for ladies and children.

Public Bus 

The public bus links cover almost 82% of urban spots with an expanded connection of 119 internal bus lines, 35 connecting to metro stations, 12 intercity buses, 62 internal busses, and 8 rapid lines. With a fleet of 1,518 buses that link tenants and travelers within the emirate. With its huge connection, air-conditioned bus stops, and individual chambers for ladies, the public bus method is a comfortable and cheapest method of transport.

Dubai Tram 

The Dubai tram is an amazing tramway that is the first in the nation after Europe to have an underground electric supply which removes the requirement to hold the cable system. This is a necessary portion of the public transport system of the emirate. This delivers services to notable spots in the emirate like Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, and Al Sufouh. The Dubai Tram also connects to the metro and the Palm Monorail, decreasing traffic congestion and permitting you to effortlessly reach the relaxed spots of JBR and Dubai Marina and pro centers. There are recently 11 Dubai Tram stations.

Dubai Taxis 

The Dubai Taxis are another famous method of transport in the emirate that runs 24/7 and can stand found in almost every portion of the emirate. This is one of the fastest and very convenient methods to get around the emirate however a little more costly than other ways. There are distinct sorts of taxis 0 Airport taxis, family taxis, Hatta taxis, and more. The taxi also permits you to book your visit via the DTS smart app.

Marine Transport 

You can also sail through the public transport of Dubai to get to your spot. The marina transport of Dubai choices comprises Dubai water bus, Abras, Dubai water taxi, and Dubai ferry, which give an iconic view to your trip.

Apps that make traveling in transport smoother – 


The S’hail application is RTA’s official application that utilizes a real-time map to assist you to plan your trip utmost. You can reach your spot and the application would display the finest route utilizing all the public transport means in the emirate. The application creates smoother travel utilizing public transport it gives you the timings, program, and route maps of every transport and provides you an average time you would reach your location.

RTA App 

The RTA application is a should have for anybody visiting via public transport in the emirate. This has several features, and this also permits you to renew your driving license and the registration of your car. This assists you to locate a parking area when you cannot get one.

DTC Smart App 

This application permits you to book taxis and limousines in an effortless, seamless, and comfortable route. You can book a taxi in 3 moves – download, choose, and reserve. The application finds the closest taxi and automatically sends it to your spot. This is a better method to book your taxi without waiting outside in the heat of the emirate to locate one.

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