UAE to Ease COVID-19 Restrictions Nationwide

Throughout the government of the UAE media briefing on the COVID – 19 pandemic, Dr. Saif Al Dhaheri, official spokesperson of the national emergency crisis and tragedies management authority, has declared that the country would stand relaxing Covid-19 restrictions, along with sector-specific updates, which would come into effect initiating 28th September 2022.

COVID – 19 regular cases declarations would stand suspended, because of the remarkable recovery witnessed throughout the nation, he stated, remembering that the official website of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center, and NCEMA would constantly release concerned updated data.

“Concerning the Green Pass System, this has been updated to need vaccinated individuals and exempted people to take a PCR test once a month to sustain their green position, and once every seven days for non-vaccinated people.” Al Dhaheri stated.

The green pass method is still a compulsory requirement for workers and travelers to access federal authorities and units, with the Green Pass method to stand extended to cover employees in the tourism and economic regions, he emphasized.

With regards to face masks, he stated that they are still compulsory in medical amenities, mosques, and public transportation, along with food service providers, the injured and assumed cases to make sure the protection of the community, particularly vulnerable units.

Otherwise, wearing masks is an alternative for all other open and closed amenities and areas, Dr. Al Dhaheri stated, suggesting senior citizens and tenants, and individuals with chronic diseases constantly wear them to make sure their safety.

In mosques and areas of worship, precautionary processes have been decreased, and social distancing for worshippers has been canceled, he explained, adding that keeping face masks remains compulsory in mosques and areas of worship to secure the health of helpless classifications.

The tourism industry, comprising hotels and their features, parks, and entertainment areas, and the economic spot, like shopping hubs, moreover to different events, are crucial and active sectors, hence, the updated Green Pass needed should stand completed to stand permitted entry, Al Dhaheri further stated.

The aviation industry would adopt preventive measures in line with the national aviation protocol, with airlines to decide whether face masks would be compulsory or optional on airplanes, he said. The need for pre-departure testing for vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals would stand decided depending on the needs of their travel spots. As for those coming to the UAE, the recent protocol remains applicable to vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals, he further described.

About the academic industry, he said that preventive figures would be assumed in line with the national academic guidelines, and wearing face masks in open and closed areas would stand optional, with the new Green Pass need to stand applicable.

With regards to the isolation duration for positive cases, he stated that the health industry determined to decrease this to five days, for home or institutional isolation, with workers taking liability for institutional seclusion figures, for instance, in employee housing cities.

As for individuals who come into contact with confirmed cases, Al Dhaheri declared that they should take a PCR test in case they show any symptoms, urging vulnerable classifications to take a PCR test and supervise their terms for 7 days, adding that the world is watching usual sustainability and is recovering from the COVID-19, with most nations reducing their pandemic-related restrictions, comprising the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, he pointed out that the updated processes declared today are the product of research conducted depending on data collected about the pandemic in the nation, comprising new variants and hospitalization and ICU admission rates.

The updated process is part of the starting stage for relaxing restrictions, with further updates to stand declared daily, he stated, emphasizing that the country is committed to the health and protection of the community.

Dr. Al Dhaheri provided a summary of the country’s effort since the detection of the first case in the nation, emphasizing its determined drive to vaccinate its individuals and tenants and maintain a focus on public health to make sure the finest outcomes in fighting the pandemic. He also highlighted the country’s effort in terms of conducting clinical trials for the vaccine, executing remote education and work systems, as well as the humanitarian help it gave to other nations, from vaccines, medical supplies, and field hospitals.

These moves have spreadhead to the recent duration of sustainability and recovery from COVID-19, and the case is sustainable across the nation and terms are dropping while deaths are nearly constantly zero, Al Dhaheri stated.

He featured the UAE’s successful managing of COVID-19 to the country’s smart administration and frontline medical experts, who constantly make tireless efforts to maintain the pandemic in check, tanking them all for their incalculable assistance.

He also noted that these efforts were supported by the committed collaboration of the public in following preventive measures and working with the government to make sure its success in its movement to prevent the pandemic.

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