UAE’s Etihad Rail: Door-to-Door service for Train Passengers 

Public transportation would be obtainable to travelers’ final spot – whether it is a house, working place, or tourist place.

The UAE railway connection travelers would be given “door-to-door” services to make sure they reach their final spot from the railway station with extensive convenience, stated a high authority from Etihad Rail.

Ahmal Al Musawa Al Hashemi, Executive Director of Traveler industry at Etihad Rail, stated – The railways would be combined with all ways of transportation and shared commuting resolutions. There would be public transportation obtainable to a traveler’s final spot. 

“As a traveler, I wish for a service that would take me door to door. We are performing with domestic officials in each emirate to make sure a direct rail service from the railway station to their final spot. This comprises resolutions of shared mobility, light trains such as buses, trams, car rentals, and features at the stations. To get this, we’re glancing at a great group of connections between railways and all ways of transport.”

Al Hashemi stated – the traveler services set the target to give commuters a smooth, integrated, and time-saving experience during their whole trip, beginning from booking their travel to accessing their final spot. The traveler train would connect 11 cities and sectors across the UAE.

Al Hashemi outlines that the railway’s connection would constantly develop. We are constantly examining and protecting probable routes for extension, to make sure readiness in the future in terms of the needed infrastructure for growing these routes.

“Similar ways can be utilized for freight and travelers and mot network would stand double line. This would cover densely populated and famous spots throughout the United Arab Emirates, linking urban spots with rural spots, and creating the network more visible to the community staff.

Every train would have a seating ability of over 400 travelers and conduct up to a pace of 200 km/h. Travelers are able to travel from Abu Dhabi to the Dubai emirate in less than one hour, and from the Abu Dhabi emirate to Fujairah in 1 hour 40 min. By 2030, the score of travelers is hoped to access over 36.5 million per year.

Currently, Etihad Rail signed a contract value of Dh 1.2 billion with Spanish company CAF for creating, producing, supplying, and sustaining travelers trains of the national railway connection. For the traveler transport assistance, Etihad Rail signed a loan contract with First Abu Dhabi Bank.”

Set for GCC Railway 

Etihad Rail, Al Hashemi highlighted, is the evolver and leader of the country’s national railway connection, linking the United Arab Emirates and GCC.

“We make sure to comply with the finest global norms in the evolvement and functions of the trains across the United Arab Emirates. The country’s national rail connection would complement the GCC railway assignment, hence, making sure a smooth link with routes from Saudi Arabia and Oman.

The interoperability norms are unified to the level that makes capable us to activate the trains throughout the border. So, the gauge and path, signaling and interacting system, the major norms of interoperability are all agreed prior to the beginning of formation.”

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