UAE’s First Paperless Direct Debit Marketplace Launched 

Direct Debit Marketplace, the UAE’s first paperless direct debit marketplace, has been officially inaugurated.

The forum gives merchants and payers a comfortable all-in-one solution to run recurring payments like – school fees, rent, insurance, gym charge, and other subscription-based service.

Obtainable to corporations that take regular charges in any industry of business, the forum is bank irreligious, which means that it doesn’t impact the merchant’s rapport with their banking service provider. The direct debits featured through the forum are combined with and controlled by, the Central Banks of the country. Payers also advantage from revocation management, within their contractual terms of the contract.

Direct Debit is an Alumni of the MBRIF Invention Accelerator Program, an industry inaugurated by the Ministry of Finance of the country to support nationwide invention. Commenting on the inauguration, Fatima Al Naqbi, CIO at the Ministry of Finance stated –

Direct Debit is an ideal instance, giving vendors and payers in the country a marketplace where they can transact regular payments productively at low cost. At MBRIF we would constantly align with the country’s vision to feature invention and support development, growth, and superiority in the nation.”

Ummair Butt, founder of Direct Debit System stated – “Writing four cheques for rents or three for school charges are basic place in the country. Our Direct Debit Marketplace app gives tenants and citizens a secure, legal option to make all their routine payments in one location, perfectly monthly.”

“Monthly expenses and evading quarterly or annual hefty costs means Direct Debit Marketplace can assist more than 96% of monthly salaries individuals to stay in command of their finances and out of debt. It is particularly vital to understand that school and rent charge account for over 50% of their salaries. Our target is to inspire a culture of monthly direct debit payments for all small or bid ticket products at a lower price to retailers and free of charge for payers.”

“This is also hugely affordable for traders who recently accept payments through credit cards or cheques. For instance, a typical credit card payment will mean merchants pay somewhere between 1-3% of the transaction amount. With Direct Debit Marketplace, we give a certain cost, no matter credit card or bank account, and there’s no requirement to warehouse and procedure cheques. The marketplace hives digital reconciliations for all direct debit payments, meaning huge price, time, and human resource savings for participating retailers, as a current team can stand trained again to manage business development.”

Merchants located in UAE can connect the market with their accounting software or utilize the dashboard. The forum is vendor gone which means a payer can just make direct debit payments in case the merchant makes an offer superior. The application asks payers to digitally accepts a payment provider before the signing procedure of a direct debit order starts.

The forum is combined with UAEPASS, the UAE just protects digital identity. A one-time direct debit payment form can stand completed through UAEPASS, which creates the entire procedure 100% paperless.

Butt added – “Data protection is most crucial for us, and the system is hosted in Dubai’s data hub, recognized as Dubai Pulse. This creates us DESC compliant, with data placed securely behind government firewalls and systems, which are the finest across the globe. Direct Debit Market is a Decretal System of the country, which means the system is accepted by the national courts. With current alters to rules regarding cheques, both paper-based duplicative cheques and new paperless digital direct debits hold similar weight in the matter of the law.”

The new service is supported by NBF. Vince Cook, CEO at NBF stated, – “The introduction of direct debit payments is a most welcomed move ahead for the country banking method. This creates regular monthly payments much faster and quicker to form and handle, for retailers and payers across a broad array of business industries.”
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