UAE Government Announces Eid Al-Fitr Protocol 

Dr. Taher Al Ameri, an official Spokesman of the National Crisis and Emergency Management Authority (NCEMA), has declared the protocol for Eid Al-Fitr, which protects prayers in the nation’s mosques, along with preventive efforts to be executed throughout this term.

Dr. Al Ameri stated the directive defines the requirement to place physical distancing stickers around the outdoor spaces encircling mosques, with the potentiality of utilizing parks and parking areas.

He stated that, according to the protocol, mosques and prayer galleries would open for the Eid Al-Fitr prayers immediately following the dawn prayers During Eid, with speakers programmed to declare the Eid takbeers 30 minutes prior to the Eid prayers start.

As per the protocol, the merged period of prayers and Khutba is set to twenty minutes, while the entrance and departure of worshippers would be directed by police patrols, imams, and volunteers, to stop overcrowding and sustain order.

Worshippers should put on a face mask at all times, sustain a social distance of one meter and utilize personal use worship mats, Dr. Al Ameri described, stating that individuals are suggested to avoid making group, gestures, and physical greetings, and choose verbal greetings while sustaining social distancing.

Dr. Al Ameri stated – “The protocol comprises many terms regarding Eid Al-Fitr festivities, comprising the requirement to have an active green pass on the Al Hosn app and complying with concerning preventive efforts, like wearing masks and social distancing, particularly when sitting with helpless society elements, like people of determination, the aged and people with regular diseases.”

“We encourage the public to utilize electronic options to allocate cash bonuses and presents, limit festivities to instant family members and relatives, and avoid physical salutations.”

Dr. Al Ameri congratulated the leadership and people of the UAE, and other Arab and Islamic nations, on the event of Eid Al-Fitr, fearing that the country, thanks to its amazing leadership and its coordinated national efforts, has included the space of the COVID-19 pandemic via embracing a set of measures, comprising general testing, contact tracing, and using the current treatment protocols.

“The nation is constantly watching a decrease in COVID-19 cases, which is major because of the remarkable efforts of several officials, spreadhead by the health industry. The country has made prime progress in cases of recovery and returns to normality, which can be just sustained through the public’s compliance.”

Respective national industries are constantly supervising and evaluating domestic and international evolvements of the pandemic, to support decisions and get stable recovery, he stated, remembering that the nation is constantly updating its protocols to secure the security and safety of the community, and get compensation around all industries.

He also outlines the significance of the community’s compliance with the guidelines granted by health and other departments, as well as the preventive measurements, encouraging the public to collaborate to make sure getting through Eid Al-Fitr festivities securely.

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