UAE Spent AED 40 Billon in Development Projects Under the Late Sheikh Khalifa 

The UAE has completed several achievements under the rule of the late Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, comprising standing ranked amongst the top ten internationally in 20 major measures of international competition regarding the energy and infrastructure sector for the year 2021, as per the reports granted by a score of prime international institutes concerned with international competitiveness.

Because of the support and desire of Sheikh Khalifa, the UAE has quickly got improvement and settled major importance in the sectors of housing and infrastructure. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has concentrated on level nationwide growth by executing prime assignments valued at more than AED 40 billion. All federal assets number over 3,000 federal buildings differ between education and health features, government services buildings, and mosques.

Among the notable accomplishments throughout the age of the late Sheikh Khalifa are the formation, accomplishment, and upgrading of over 230 public schools, and the growth of an amazing system of hospitals and 32 federal government health features. He even helped fishermen by forming over 24 fishing ports.

The ministry got significant improvement in cases of roads, with the overall road length exceeding 900 Km with the accomplishment of over 140 assignments. The overall length of federal roadways touched 4,300 km over the previous 18 years, connecting the nation’s cities and regions in a seamless and adaptable way.

The ministry has also identified water features as a major driver of the water growth procedure, most important the development of water canals and dams within its strategic schemes, particularly throughout seasonal times and rising amounts of rainfall.

More than 106 dams have been formed and sustained more than last twenty years. The ability of the nation’s dams and pools has enhanced to over 200-million cubic meters, supporting its water protection method. The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure has limited no exertion to get housing sustainability and make sure glad lives and prosperity for Emirati nationals.

Since its formation, the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program has supported the sustainability of over 33, 838 citizen families by giving housing support and forming combined residential areas. The country has been re-electing to the council of the international maritime organization in the category B partnership for the 3rd time, complying with wider efforts and an extensive election campaign showing up to the elections.

Through its landmark industries, the nation constantly plays a business part in powering the national maritime industry, while supporting the development of the international maritime and logistics industry.

The outcomes of the election were declared the previous year throughout the 32nd session of the IMO Assembly in London. One standing re-elected, the United Arab Emirates got global praise for its climactic part in growth techniques, guidelines, and contracts that improve maritime security norms, secure the marine climate, and increase the productivity of the international industry.

The United Arab Emirates formed large efforts within the marine area domestically, with a concentration on completing local and international maritime requirements in cases of giving the best infrastructure and amazing services. The nation’s capabilities have assisted it to get the position of standing as a prime international maritime center. The area that supports the nation’s GDP is AED 90 billion yearly. The UAE ports managed more than 19 million TEUs throughout 2021 and there were more than 25,000 port calls in the country throughout the precise year. The country’s national caravan ability stands at 21 million DWT and the national caravan in 2020 is comprised of 970 crafts.

The country has been a frontrunner in many international competitions hands in the maritime area. The nation was ranked third in transport services trade and Bunker supply index. This ranked 5th as a major capable maritime center and 13th internationally in the port activity and productivity index. The nation’s port ranks amongst the top 10 globally in the weight of container management. There are more than 27,000 maritime corporations in the country and the ports rank among the top globally.

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