UAE Further Strengthens Domestic Labor Rights 

The United Arab Emirates is constantly forming legal rights structures to maintain speed with its social values, like patience and co-existence.

Under this formation, Decree Federal Law No.9 for 2022 was granted to power local labor laws.

The decree law covers all factors of local labor rule and assures the rights of all groups in a rapport, whether laborers, employers, or recruitment professionals, in line with transparent norms and structures.

The decree rule covers working duration, weekly breaks, and leave for local employees and establishes the right of local employees t a paid day off weekly, as per the executive rules of the law. Under the rule, the executive solutions granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization are liable for organizing working duration and leave. The rule even mentions that regular breaks can’t stand less than 12 hours, comprising eight business hours.

Regarding annual leave, the decree rule specifies the right of local employees to stand paid yearly leave of no less than 30 days. In case the service duration is less than one year and over 6 months, they are entitled to two days of leave each month, and the employer can mention the beginning date of the yearly leave.

The decree law specifies that in case local employees want to visit their country of origin on yearly basis, employers should protect the charge of their return tickets once every two years. Although in case two groups agree to remove or not renew their employment agreement after the yearly leave, the employer would just cover the price of a single-way ticket.

In case a work agreement ends or is removed by any related groups, but the local employees have not had their yearly leave, they are allowed to stand paid a cash match.

The decree law establishes the right of local employees to sick leave for a duration not more than 30 days throughout an agreement year, whether constant or irregular in case the requirement for this leave can stand proven by a medical statement granted by a sanctioned national health official. This leave is computed as the first 15 days standing at complete pay while the next 15 days standing at half pay.

The decree law also recognizes the liabilities of employers comprised in the agreement, which are –

  • Sustaining the right climate for performing the agreed work.
  • Giving suitable residing residences for the local employees.
  • Giving good and right clothing to make employees capable to work their responsibilities as long as they were appointed on a complete-time basis and not on temporary agreements, except in case agreed otherwise.
  • Making the payment of the salary of local employees in line with their work agreements.
  • Covering the prices of medical treatment for local employees under the structure of the health method of the nation.
  • Dining local employees in a way that keeps their pride and virtue, and not pushing them to act for others but in case this element of the terms and conditions is mentioned in the executive command of the decree rules and the determinations granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

The duties of the employer also comprise just hiring local employees who have acquired a work permit, as per the provisions of the decree law and its executive rules, along with resolutions granted by the ministry, as well as making the payment of the essential corrective for work injuries and professional diseases, as per the settlement established in the conditions of Decree law No. 33 for 2021 regulating labor relations and related determinations.

The decree law establishes the right of local employees to alter their employer depending on the needs set in their agreements and in case they have completed their duties to the original employer, as per the terms and processes comprised in the resolution of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

An employer would also not stand liable for the costs of their worker’s returns to their country of origin in case they are performing for another employer.

The decree law mentions that the employer would inform the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization about any infractions dedicated by a local employee against applicable rules.

The decree also includes the duties of recruitment professionals, like hiring employees from their countries of origin after notifying them about the kind of nature of performance and their wages, along with the requirement to give proof of their total health and other circumstances decided by the executive rules of the decree and the determinations granted by the ministry that think about the nature of every career.

Recruitment experts should also organize the essential medical examinations for local employees within a duration not exceeding 30 days prior to their entry into the nation. They should humanely treat local employees, not disclose them to brutality, and increase their understanding of the relevant officials they should contact in case their rights are infringed.

Agents should also give local employees a booklet with information about their salaries or other related details to make sure that they get the right salary, in line with the instruments. Recruitment experts should comprise the expense of returning local employees to their country of origin and give a substitute employee in line with the determinations granted by the Ministry.

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