Victor D Latson And REFEED Paving Ways Towards Worldwide Transformation

 Victor D Latson is the Founder and CEO of Refinerz International Business Solutions (REFEED). With more than 23 years of experience in the Aviation Industry, Victor D Latson is a different leader and entrepreneur. He uses his training abilities, military experience, and procedure enhancement maintenance specialization to increase and foster positive work climates.

REFEED incorporates an effective and efficient team that performs towards target accomplishment to the whole. With a robust adherence to assisting people to search for jobs, REFEED is doing outstanding work. Under the leadership of Mr. Victor, the corporation helps people to increase their talents and get good possibilities to keep going ahead in this quick-paced world.

Mr. Victor is of the perspective that one has to think they can do anything to get that target. Not just that, through REFEED, he targets to modify transformations in the manner of employment and recruitment work.

Refinerz International Business Solutions (REFEED) is a training, recruitment, and expatriate venture. The corporation gives HR/manning/staffing solutions and possibilities for the public to re-skill, cross-skill, or upskill to better individual possibilities for candidates to increase their skill sets and enhance their possibilities to get meaningful employment and higher opportunities for promotion.

A lot of people have come to Dubai and other spots with the desire of a good life for themselves and good quality of life for their families back home. Although, when they come to Dubai, they find that their so-called employment company has deceived them, and they are left running to get the job.

Most of the people that he has come around in this specific situation have copied and pasted somebody else’s CV as they are of the trust that getting any job would be the solution for visa issuance. So, they end up in a job that pays less than their value and working fantastic tough work schedules leaving them no time to look for a good profession.

He and his team have all been touched by somebody’s story, somebody’s struggle, and they have all determined that they should do something to alter these narratives and do their best to assist people to have a better life.

His target for REFEED is to be a corporation of worldwide transformation. Not only recruitment or employment venture but a spot of change. REFEED would require to be elegant and creative in getting resolutions. While recruitment is their foundation, a few spots can have more diversified situations. For example, in the USA, REFEED competes for state and federal government contracts in Career Services and spots dealing with enhancing educational programs and procedures. Consequently, they have become very competitive in regions that they had no intention of performing in when they began.

REFEED is an all-in-one career venture recently looking for recognition in the USA, UAE, and globally. So once any person comes through their program, that person would have a globally certified certificate of completion that would not have to be certified or affirmed to compete for job prospects that complete their career way instantly.

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