Vivek Gahlaut (Terra Firma Commodities) – A Reputed & Successful Dubai Businessman

Vivek Gahlaut, the co-founder of Terra Firma Commodities in Dubai, is a reputed & successful Dubai businessman who is known for his strong leadership and extraordinary thoughts. He has made significant convictions from working at Ernst & Young to establishing his own successful business in India & Dubai and turned out his efforts into finding an actual success. With more than 20 years of experience, Vivek Gahlaut has been associated with multiple businesses across the world and has earned extreme knowledge in various industries. He has also assisted fortune 500 companies during his tenure at E&Y. While talking about his professional journey, he has made significant convictions turning out to find the actual success and shown his extreme capabilities and brilliancy establishing various businesses worldwide

His journey as a Student on National & International Level

Vivek Gahlaut Dubai began really buckling down towards progress when he was a youth. He was focused on generally needing to learn and do well in his school. During his school, he was known as a brilliant student, who was curious to learn & explore new things. He did so well in school that he got grants for it. Vivek kept up his persistent effort and went to a good college called National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra. There, he studied electronics & Communication Engineering and graduated with good grades in 1997. His tenure at school and college taught him that it is so vital to try sincerely and aim for success.

Global Perspective and Entrepreneurial Vision

Since his childhood, he was eager to expand his boundaries, and this was the major reason that Vivek embarked on further studies in the United States, enrolling in the Thunderbird Global School of Management at Arizona State University. There, he got a graduate degree in International Management with Finance, improving his abilities and acquiring experience into worldwide business operations. It was during his time at Thunderbird that Vivek’s enterprising soul was touched off, as he found out about the complexities of global business and developed a dream for development and effect.

His Financial Understanding and Professional Recognition

Having a strong academic background and an abundance of information in finance, Vivek Gahlaut embarked on a successful career in the financial services sector. After completing his masters, he joined Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Advisory team in New York City and immediately turned up as a confidant in counseling to significant banks and Fortune 500 organizations. He worked for more than 6 years at E&Y and gained practical experience in treasury management and financial risk management. His commitment towards his responsibilities procured him industry recognition which helped him to develop his reputation as a leading figure in the financial industry.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and His Community Impact

In 2010, following his desire to change the world, Vivek Gahlaut Dubai went back to his own country and started businesses that promoted wellness and community empowerment. Though he is enthusiastic for physical well-being, at his return he decided to proceed with his passion and founded prosperous fitness centers and started vending exercise gear which helped to generate revenue while promoting individual growth. Beyond business, Vivek is dedicated to social responsibility and committed to mentor young entrepreneurs. He is also supporting projects that encourage positive change in society.

Being Pioneer for Sustainable Farming Practices

In 2013, after a successful business in the fitness industry, Vivek started a new business venture and co-founded Terra Firma Commodities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company, which specializes in environmentally conscious gardening and farming, has won praise for its moral corporate conduct and dedication to environmental preservation. Under Vivek’s direction, Terra Firma Commodities has risen to prominence in sustainable agriculture and set new standards for impact and innovation in the global business sector.


Through his achievements, Vivek Gahlaut is pioneering various ventures which shows his commitment and social responsibilities. From his scholastic accomplishments to his pioneering adventures, Vivek Gahlaut is known as a prominent figure and gives motivation to hopeful business people all over the world. He is shaping the future for a long time into the future.

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