White Cliffs- Know The Journey Of Success of This Technical Services Provider

We take a look at another encouraging example of entrepreneurship and determination. A story arising out of tough covid times. Covid 19 did have an adverse effect on a lot of people and businesses, but it also brought the toughest to the spotlight. Imagine opening your business when you hardly know if you can even cater to your market or not? When will be the next lockdown or when do we have a new variant arriving? Things and situations are completely out of control and then you have some very tough people who stand out, raise their hands and move forward. 

White Cliffs Technical Services is one such example. Manjeet Ram (Founder) – arrived in the UAE in Aug 1999 in a construction company as an Electrician. After 9 years, he built the Etihad Airways Head Quarter in Abu Dhabi and got a job there as Facilities Supervisor. After a journey of 12 years of a regular job, he planned to start his own business.

Sandeep (Co-Founder) arrived in UAE in 2005 and worked in a Construction company as a Driver. In 2014 he moved to Australia where he settled well. One day on a call with Manjeet they discussed a plan to start their own business in Dubai. A conversation over call – made entrepreneurs. After proper research as to which agency or consultancy to approach, they went ahead with SAB.

They have a mix as far as the target audience is concerned. As they are in the Maintenance field, they have tied up with real estate agencies for check-in and check-out services. Other than that, they maintain A to Z in Villas including AC’s, Electricity, water, and Civil work as Plastering, Painting, etc. Feedback towards their services has been very encouraging. Since these are early days and they want to make a mark across the Gulf – they take regular feedback from clients. There have hardly been any complaints. They have also maintained great relationships with their clients.

Both of them have been very clear in their thought process and have not raised a single unit of currency from the market. They have self-funded their company and plan to establish themselves first before they start planning to expand and thereby raise funds. Despite getting offers from a few investors, they have stuck to their principles and have been able to hold the fort. 

They are extremely thankful to their clients, because of whom they are able to sustain their business in such a competitive market. They are grateful to their friends and families for the extended support they have received from them. 

Now, we want you to look back at their journey and not think it was all step one and step two. All of this has been extremely tough for both of them. They had to run door to door, cultivate all their contacts and the goodwill that they had created over so many years. They had to wait for almost two years before things started to look smooth and encouraging. It was because of the right consultancy they were able to channel their assets and hard work in the desired direction. From the time SAB stepped in, they sorted out all pending works, created plans and processes, and a flow chart of how to move forward. 

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