Willie Maritz And His Ambition To Help Solve Youth Unemployment

Mr. Willie Maritz and his business journey. He is a businessman and the founder of several businesses comprising, Kalleo People Group, Wing. Studio, TalenTek, NoMorecourses.com, and more. Moreover, Willie Maritz is a professional in the sector of HR evolvement who looks always ahead to come up with fantastic learning solutions.

Mr. Maritz has also international consulting experience with well-known brands comprising – Vodafone, Diamon Trading Company, De Beers, Walter Thompson, and more. Mr. Maritz has begun Wing. Studio with his partner Pieter De Bruyn to alter how young people hunt and get jobs and how recruiters get the suitable young aptitude they require.

Through Wing. Studio, Maritz wishes to resolve the international problems of unemployment, particularly for young people who do not have sufficient experience of work to get a good job. Wing. The studio is usually an online social forum where people can equip their profiles to demonstrate their skills. Wing. The studio has an active LinkedIn page as well.

This is very encouraging how Mr. Maritz and the other partners of Wing. The studio is performing towards resolving your unemployment matters globally. Mr. Maritz said that – one of the very routine today’s youth experiences when hunting for their first job possibility is the reaction that they require a better experience.

Obviously, they are usually disheartened with this answer as they only require an opportunity to begin somewhere and prove their skills. Although, regrettably, most youths do not understand that they already have so much experience and have evolved practical skills and valuable features. The only way to prove this is by mentioning it on a CV.

So, Mr. Maritz and his partner Pieter set out to create an application that permits young people to grab all the chilly things they do that will exactly act as proof of their qualities and talents. This acts as a social media podium to make posts of activities such as volunteering, temp work, sports, science projects, and more.

The portal translates these activities into the assurance of qualities and talents. For instance, holding a volunteer beach cleanup can be evidence of leadership, environmental consciousness, and project maintenance. Creating a famous social media portal is proof of marketing talents, interpersonal skills, content creations skills, and more.

Wing. The studio utilizes all these posts to develop a real-time and data-driven profile of young people and what they need to provide the globe. As a result, it assists recruiters to make better job decisions, decreasing their hazards.

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