Unlock Back-to-School Bargains in the UAE: Win AED 25,000 School Fees in UAE, Tablets, and Beyond!

As the UAE gears up for the school reopening on August 28, parents, students, and teachers are in full preparation mode. With the heightened expenses that come with this season, a multitude of promotions has emerged from diverse sources, including e-commerce behemoths, brick-and-mortar outlets, car rental enterprises, and firms overseeing loyalty programs. These special offers and discounts empower both parents and students to access a wide spectrum of products – spanning from school bags and stationery essentials to laptops and electronic gadgets – all at budget-friendly prices.

Dh25,000 School Fees in UAE

Jumbo, a prominent player in the realm of consumer electronics, has initiated an exciting campaign that bestows students with the opportunity to seize a reward of Dh25,000 towards their school fees in UAE, alongside the chance to claim cutting-edge laptops. To partake in this captivating endeavor, shoppers are invited to invest Dh1,000 in laptops, tablets, computers, accessories, and more at Jumbo outlets, all the way until September 3. With a Dh1,000 expenditure on any electronic device, patrons will automatically become contenders in a daily draw, standing a chance to secure a brand-new laptop each day. Complementing this, the retailer extends generous discounts of up to Dh400 for students and teachers, available upon the purchase of specific laptop models. 

Centre point, a prominent subsidiary of the Landmark Group, has unveiled a compelling discount initiative covering a diverse array of back-to-school necessities. From backpacks to stationery, school attire and school fees in UAE, mealtime essentials, and beyond, an extensive selection of items is included. Remarkably, discounts of up to 75 percent are bestowed upon patrons for school bags, shoes, stationery, backpacks, and various other essentials.

Similarly, Babyshop, yet another subsidiary within the Landmark Group, has embarked on a price reduction strategy, particularly targeting backpacks and trolley bags alongside lunch bags, water bottles, pencil cases, and more. With every school bag purchase, Babyshop extends generous gift vouchers exceeding Dh400 from its esteemed partners. Moreover, the retailer stands by its products with a comprehensive one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Back-to-school fair

Dubai’s Times Square Center is set to ignite the back-to-school spirit with a lively fair scheduled from August 25 to 27. This event is designed to infuse the commencement of the new school year with a touch of excitement and engagement. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, visitors and shoppers stand a chance to win impressive prizes such as laptops or tablets of equivalent value.

Moreover, the fair presents a unique opportunity for individuals to trade in their old tablets, exchanging them for new counterparts. Attendees can also take home essential tools for learning, including printers or monitors. Additionally, a heartwarming initiative encourages participants to contribute to the community by donating old books in exchange for valuable vouchers.

Nancy Ozbek, the adept General Manager of Times Square, encapsulates the essence of this event: “It is an opportunity to embark on the new school year with a touch of elegance, enveloped by a supportive community, a realm of exciting possibilities for all and school fees in UAE.”

Valid until August 31st, Noon.com is presenting its valued customers with an enticing opportunity to save big, offering discounts that scale up to a whopping 70 percent. This encompassing deal spans a diverse spectrum of product categories, giving shoppers the chance to enjoy substantial savings. Notable slashes in prices can be found on sportswear, sneakers, eyeglass lenses, frames, and sunglasses, as well as a delightful selection of learning and educational toys, along with essential stationery items.

Not to be outdone, the esteemed retail giant Carrefour has stepped up with discounts reaching up to 50 percent on an array of school essentials. This comprehensive offer spans electronics, stationery, backpacks, and lunchboxes, ensuring that parents and students alike can make the most of this season.

For those in search of personalized back-to-school gear, a minimum expenditure of Dh200 opens the door to tailor-made purchases at Carrefour. This innovative customization option further enhances the shopping experience.

Enter the BBZ realm, the off-price department store under the esteemed Apparel Group. A generous discount of up to 50 percent is on offer across their range, encompassing footwear, functional backpacks, and essential stationery. Premium brands are showcased across all BBZ outlets, promising quality and style.

On the global front, renowned brands have eagerly joined the movement, capitalizing on this spirited shopping spree in the lead-up to the school reopening. The anticipation is palpable as the excitement builds for this year’s back-to-school season and school fees in UAE.

Dh10,000 weekly prizes

Samsung is presenting an extraordinary opportunity for a complete home transformation through its latest products. As part of this exciting initiative, participants stand a chance to win captivating weekly prizes, reaching up to Dh10,000. With a single raffle entry granted for every Dh999 spent, the potential for entry expands to three times when expenses reach Dh2,999 and beyond. This equips entrants with three entries for the weekly draw and another three for the Mega Draw, maximizing their chances of emerging victorious.

Addressing the mobility needs of students and teachers, the innovative Smart mobility app, Selfdrive, has introduced a compelling back-to-school offer. Starting from just Dh1,099 per month, this offer covers durations of 3 to 6 months, providing an economical and convenient solution for transportation needs during the academic term.

UAE’s lifestyle loyalty program, Bounz, has teamed up with the esteemed electronics retailer and distributor, Eros Group. The collaboration paves the way for Bounz members to earn rewards while indulging in their electronics purchases. With 1 point accrued for every Dh6 spent on electronics and an impressive 2 points earned for accessories, both online and in physical outlets, members are poised to accumulate rewards that enhance their shopping experience.

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