Wissam and His Increasing Brand Growth Appetite

 Wissam Koukash is the Operations and Franchise Manager of Glee Hospitality Solutions LLC. He is greatly devoted to brand development with over fourteen years of experience in the sector. He is a team-focused personality who trusts in getting outcomes with the assistance of an inspired team. Moreover, He is always set targets to extend his knowledge and assist businesses to extend their F&B corporations virtually.

He started in the food industry with a large hunger in hopes of trying various cookeries to feed his hunger. Although, he found that his thirst for brand growth was also greater. So, 14+ years in the sector compelled him to become operations and franchise manager.

Glee Hospitality Solutions LLC is a corporation that assists F&B companies to form their business from starting and handling to functioning. They assist people through entire formation procedures. Furthermore, they have outstanding specialization in restaurant management and restaurant vision evolvement of venues around the broader Gulf.

With Glee Hospitality Solutions, he set the targets to sustain a positive corporate culture while also setting the path toward the growth of the company. They are assisting restaurants to start in the territory. The corporation also has an online existence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Glee Hospitality Solutions was formed in 2009 with headquarters in Dubai emirate. The corporation has developed over the years to become the prime hospitality management and advisory corporation around the territory. Moreover, they give wider end-to-end solutions and have established specialization in restaurant concept evolvement and restaurant maintenance throughout the comprehensive Gulf.

Moreover, with its industry-broad experience in only a little duration, Glee Hospitality has successfully inaugurated more than 50+ F&B concepts, unveiled 70+ media around the territory, comprising the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, amongst other and handles a team of almost 500 workers.

A business without an encouraged team doesn’t get outcomes in today’s era. Hence, he trusts in the significance of inspiring workers to exceed their highest accomplishments. It permitted him to be praised by his counterparts for his capability to make sure compliance with the formed organizational procedures while sustaining a positive and inspiring company culture.

Wissam explain, his big desire provided him prospects to perform on re-starting assignments that comprised QSR, Retail, Casual Dining, Cloud Kitchens, Fine Dining, and Dark Kitchens in Asia, GCC, and MENA, in the Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, and American, and various global cuisines. While his belly was not pleased serving on healthy ones, they provided him the possibility to extend his knowledge in advisory and project maintenance.

The desire of Mr. Wissam for Glee Hospitality Solutions is to enhance the development of the corporation. Moreover, Glee Hospitality Solutions has evolved already a robust standing for its brand and services in the hospitality industry locally and internationally, giving the industry a remarkable combination of hospitality solutions coating a comprehensive range of restaurant maintenance requirements. From its modest initiation to the present, Glee Hospitality has evolved, created, and executed inventive visions supported by its team of industry professionals who holds more than 3 decades of experience in the sector around the world.

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