World Blockchain Summit Successfully Held Its 22nd Global Edition In Dubai

This was an exciting event with 30+ hours of untraditional networking, Tech Talks, Panel discussion, Keynotes, and the newly inaugurated talk show names “WBS Talks” at the 22nd worldwide event of the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

The summit was possessed under the trade of HH Sheikh Juma Ahmed Juma Al Maktoum, a member of the ruling family in the Dubai emirate, presented by Chingari powered by $GARI; co-hosted by Paysenger; and powered by Bybit.

The summit was held on 23-24 March 2022 and was driven by the vision of Dubai to constantly analyze and assess the current technology inventions by increasing blockchain and crypto-related investments in the United Arab Emirates, with more than 4000 participants arraying from top crypto and blockchain pioneers; industry professionals; IT leaders, policymakers, investors; to solution providers, and startups.

Chief Guest was His Highness Sheikh Juma Ahmed Juma Al Maktoum, a member of the ruling family of the emirate and chairman of Elite Partner Investment. Top speakers who regarded the summit comprised CEO, Frederik Gregaard, Cardano Foundation; Chief Policy Officer, Faryar Shirzad, Coinbase; CEO and Founder, Alex Mashinsky, Celsius Network; Elite Partner Investment, CEO, Farqan Rassul; Navin Gupta, MD of South Asia and MENA, Ripple; CEO &Co-Founder, Sumit Ghosh, Chingari App; Rosie Rios, Unicoin & Former Treasurer of the US, Senior Advisor; and Paysenger, CEO, Stanislav, to name a few.

WBS also facilitated an impressive group conversation on “Web 3.0 and the Roadmap to Mass Crypto Adoption” which comprised Samir Satchu, Senior VP-Public Policy & Extension, BitOasis; Pavel Aramyan, Product Manager, Fasttoken; Terrenus, head of Communications, Bybit; Stanislav Novikov, CEO, Paysenger; Keylee Bushell, Chief of Staff, Decentology, and Jens Podewski, Co-founder & CEO, FinXp.

While explaining the point ‘Getting a billion DAUs to crypto’ Sumit Ghosh said – “The next one billion regular active utilizers in crypto would come from gaming and crypto. Chingari would make the next innovator economy revolution.”

The UAE is regarded as one of the most preferred spots for technology creations around the globe. WBS proudly hosted Startup World Cup regionals by Pegasus Tech Ventures, the World Blockchain Summit gave a platform for twenty startups to demonstrate their creative abilities in front of international investors. THORWallet DEX, a corporation that gives non-custodial wallet to its utilizers won the pitching slot at the 2022 Startup World Cup in San Francisco. They would now have the prospect to link with startups and investors at the Startup World Cup Grand Finale, where they would present THORWallet DEX for a US$ 1 million investment prize. The summit also facilitated an Investor Gala Dinner.

The Dubai edition of the World Blockchain Summit also conducted a particular Twitter contest wherein the winner of the contest Mr. Abhishek Bhatnagar won a Bitcoin value of 1000 USD.

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