World Padel League Reveals Teams and the Line-up of Players

The World Padel League, in partnership with Dubai Sports Council, Dubai Calendar (DET), and Coca-Cola Arena, has announced the player line-up for its inaugural season. The league features 24 top Padel players competing in four franchise teams: Jaguars, Panthers, Tigers, and Cheetahs.

With a total cash prize of AED 826,000, the World Padel League aims to reward the winning teams. The first-place team will receive AED 550,000, while the second-place team will be awarded AED 275,000. This substantial prize money highlights the league’s dedication to promoting and recognizing excellence in padel.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of an international padel tournament in Dubai that will captivate a worldwide audience. This prestigious event will showcase the finest male and female players, including top-ranked athletes. Building on the success of last year’s World Tennis League, organized by the same team, we are thrilled to introduce a similar format for this new padel tournament. Expect exceptional skill, enthusiastic spectators, and extensive media coverage as we continue to elevate the sport to new heights.”

“We’re excited to announce the launch of an international padel tournament in Dubai that will captivate a global audience. This prestigious event will feature top-ranked male and female players, showcasing their skills on a grand scale. Following the success of last year’s World Tennis League, organized by the same team, we’re thrilled to introduce a similar format for this exciting padel tournament. Get ready for outstanding talent, passionate spectators, and extensive media coverage as we push the boundaries of the sport to new levels,” stated His Excellency Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council.

“We are grateful for the invaluable support of our esteemed strategic partners in making the inaugural World Padel League a reality. Our collective enthusiasm for the sport, coupled with the visionary leadership of the UAE, has paved the way for hosting this groundbreaking event in Dubai. With their unwavering backing, we anticipate a thrilling and fiercely competitive tournament. Our shared commitment to promoting padel in the UAE and beyond ensures that this event will be iconic, marking the beginning of a series of exceptional on-court experiences. Brace yourself for The Greatest Show on Court,” stated Rajesh Banga, Chairman of, the World Padel League.

Here is a detailed breakdown of each team in the World Padel League

The Jaguars team will feature a star-studded lineup of top-ranked players, including world-number-one-ranked Alejandra Salazar Bengoechea and Gemma Triay. Joining them will be Carlos Daniel Gutiérrez (ranked fifth globally) and Franco Stupaczuk (ranked eighth). The team will also include Jerónimo González Luque (ranked thirteenth) and Carolina Navarro Björk (ranked twenty-ninth).

In the Panthers team, fans can expect impressive performances from players like Agustin Tapia (ranked third globally) and Arturo Coello (ranked fourth). They will be joined by Beatriz Gonzalez (ranked fifth), Lucia Sainz (ranked eighth), Aranzazu Osoro (ranked ninth), and Alejandro Ruiz Granados (ranked 14th). This talented lineup promises exciting competition.

The Tigers team showcases an impressive roster of players, including Marta Ortega (ranked fifth globally) and Francisco Navarro Compán (ranked ninth). They are joined by Victoria Iglesias Segador (ranked tenth), Federico Chingotto (ranked eleventh), Juan Tello (ranked twelfth), and Delfina Brea Senesi (ranked eighteenth). With such talent, the Tigers are poised to deliver a strong performance in the tournament.

The Cheetahs team is equally formidable, featuring top-ranked padel players. Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría are both ranked third globally, while Fernando Belasteguín holds the sixth position. Maria Virginia Riera (ranked seventh), Pablo Lima (ranked tenth), and Miguel Yanguas (ranked nineteenth) complete the impressive line-up of the Cheetahs. Expect intense competition from this skilled team.

In addition to thrilling matches, the World Padel League will feature three spectacular concerts with renowned international artists. On June 8, rising star Shamma Hamdan will take the stage, followed by the highly anticipated return of Simply Red on June 9, marking their comeback after 20 years. Finally, on June 11, award-winning Bollywood composer Mithoon, accompanied by several playback singers, will deliver a mesmerizing performance featuring the biggest hits of the last decade.

Organized by the team behind the highly successful World Tennis League in December 2022, the World Padel League is set to captivate Dubai. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the world’s top padel players alongside incredible entertainers at the iconic Coca-Cola Arena this year.

The World Padel League is presented in association with Gulf News as the print partner, Channel 4 Network as the radio partner, and supported by Emirates NBD.

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