World’s First Digital Arts Center to Open in Saudi Arabia Soon 

The first educational art hub committed to arts in the world is about to be launched soon in Saudi Arabia, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority declared.

The DGDA said on the sidelines of the Arabian Travel Market show that the Diriyah Art Futures is a combined assignment with the Ministry of Culture, and this would include an ideal museum that forms bonds of culture and interaction with the world.

The DGDA has formed in partnership with the Ministry of Culture the first international podium that is considered with arts and invention in the sectors of digital art, artificial intelligence, and advanced technologies.

The hub, with its immense schedules and activity trails in arts and advanced technologies, is the first hub to specialize in digital arts across the globe.

The hub was formed by the Italian architect Amedeo Schiattaralla, who planned it in a lively inventive atmosphere because this comprises sites furnished with all the technical abilities essential for analysis, evolvement, and invention in future arts.

The hub is based in Diriyah Governorate, which technically complies with the Riyadh sector, next to the Al-Bujairi Heritage Quarter, on a place of 10,000 sq m.

This has many benefits including – 

  1. The center comprises 6 art studios. 
  2. Existence of workspaces for artists. 
  3. Advanced features for the rising artists. 
  4. Many specific rooms for workshops and classes for education and training in the sectors of technology and arts. 
  5. Library and shop dealing in art and art equipment. 

All of these factors, which include an incorporated inventive forum for the artists, set the target to support and increase digital arts and give presentation possibilities and equipment for them.

The hub also assists to give the most useful means for teaching and practicing advanced arts and technology and inventing a common space between the audience and district and inventors of advanced digital art.

Four major education tracks will be given at the hub, which comprises

  1. Arts and Artificial Intelligence Program.
  2. Inventing computing.
  3. Hub for new media and advanced art research.
  4. Machine learning.

Machine learning would excel in analyzing sectors utilizing machine learning techniques, along with photography, audio arts, digital programs, and film production.

Machine learning would also aid in making capable artists generate modern inventive work, and the graphic layout, 3D modeling, animation, and motion graphics program committed to qualifying inventive designers in these sectors.

The DGDA stated that the hub for new media and modern art research will give an active and educational atmosphere to investigate the developing cultural contexts in the modern world.

The hub’s aspects will comprise introducing many schedules for public interaction with the public, as well as presentations and hackathons for digital arts. This would also comprise a yearly global arrangement of art and artificial intelligence with the participation of domestic and global artists who offer services in computing arts.

There would be also many hackathons, like – cyberspace hackathons, libraries hackathons, moreover to several seminars and different activities that rotate around the digital arts, their applications, and analysis.

One of the DGDA’s targets from its partnership with the Ministry of culture on establishing the Diriyah Art Future is to form a hub for modern culture in Diriyah.

The hub supports ahead investigation of the flourishing artistic scenes in Saudi Arabia in light of Saudi Vision 2030, and would highly increase the change of Diriyah into a cultural and tourism podium that inspires inventive artists’ presentation and acquisition in the future sciences.

This is noteworthy that the construction works of the hub began in Diriyah Governorate in 2020, to arrange it prior to its specified opening date throughout this year in 2022.

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