Yazeed Al-Tamimi – Revolutionizing Event Production

Yazeed Al-Tamimi is a resourceful entrepreneur and the driving force behind Class Act Middle East, a prestigious event leadership and recruitment firm. As the Founder and Managing Director of the UAE and KSA offices, Yazeed has redefined the event industry by delivering unparalleled quality and exceptional customer service.

Growing up in Abu Dhabi, Yazeed identified a significant gap in the market for top-tier occasion production and talent, igniting his passion for establishing Class Act in 2010. Since its inception, Yazeed has been unwavering in his commitment to elevating the events industry through professionalism, innovation, and operational excellence.

Under Yazeed’s astute leadership, Class Act has emerged as a frontrunner in executing major events and functions, including prominent occasions like EXPO 2020, FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021, and the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. By offering unmatched class and professionalism to clients, Yazeed aims to amplify the UAE’s reputation and showcase the country’s exceptional quality to the world.

Take a deeper dive into Yazeed Al-Tamimi’s journey and vision for transforming event production in our exclusive interview below.

A complete journey about the company? When you have started, how and where?

The genesis of the Class Act can be traced back to my unwavering passion for the events industry and my astute observation of an unmet need in the market. Having been born and raised in Abu Dhabi, I personally witnessed the scarcity of top-notch production and talent within the events landscape. This realization ignited a deep inspiration within me, leading to the establishment of the Class Act in 2010—an indigenous event management and recruitment company based in the UAE.

Our fundamental concept revolved around providing comprehensive solutions to address this market void. Our primary focus encompassed delivering unparalleled production quality, meticulous event management, robust event operational plans, and exceptional customer service throughout the UAE. Our overarching ambition was to elevate the events industry by championing professionalism, fostering innovation, and exemplifying operational excellence. By doing so, we sought to position the UAE as a global powerhouse in hosting large-scale events.

At Class Act, our unwavering commitment to our clients is rooted in our steadfast dedication to class and professionalism. We strive to amplify the UAE’s reputation by showcasing the extraordinary quality we possess, thereby enhancing the country’s image on the global stage. Our ultimate goal is to serve as a catalyst for the transformation and advancement of the events industry, solidifying our position as a leader and trailblazer in this dynamic field.

The journey of the founder: Yazeed Al-Tamimi

After accumulating 12 years of invaluable experience and honing my skills in the Corporate and Investment Banking sector, I embarked on a career journey that would bridge the gap I observed in the events industry. While working in banking, I keenly recognized the untapped potential in Events Management and Events Recruitment. Fueled by my unwavering passion for events and armed with my financial expertise, I seized the opportunity to establish Class Act.

For aspiring individuals venturing into the events industry, my advice is to nurture and maintain a deep-rooted passion for what you do. Continuously refine your skills and expertise, staying attuned to the evolving trends and demands of the market. Recognize the existing gaps and channel your innovation towards developing unique solutions to address them. Embrace a lifelong learning mindset and remain open to new possibilities that appear along the path.

A robust network plays a pivotal role in your journey. Encircle yourself with supportive people who share your energy, enthusiasm, and determination. Cultivate connections with industry peers, mentors, and collaborators who can deliver advice and support.

It’s vital to realize that the way to success is often accompanied by challenges. However, through perseverance and unwavering focus on your objectives, you can overcome these obstacles. Assume the classes discovered from each reverse and utilize them as stepping stones toward your goals.

How does the company plan to achieve its goals?

At Class Act, our primary objective is to elevate and redefine the events industry in the UAE by providing unparalleled excellence in production, quality, and event management services. We are dedicated to setting new benchmarks in operations and event execution, creating unforgettable experiences for our esteemed clients. By actively participating in prestigious events and functions like EXPO 2020, FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2021, and the Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, spanning from 2011 to 2022, we have played a significant role in establishing the UAE as a global destination for extraordinary events.

We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for large-scale events, encompassing event recruitment, meticulous event management, and flawless production. Our unwavering commitment is to bring our client’s visions to life with impeccable execution, surpassing their expectations at every turn. Through our endeavors, we aim to enhance the image of the UAE by hosting world-class events that rival the quality found in any other location worldwide.

What strategies do you have in mind to inspire your team?

At Class Act, we understand the importance of inspiring our group to go overhead and beyond. We cultivate a culture that thrives on recognition and rewards, ensuring that the efforts of our employees are acknowledged and appreciated. We firmly believe in providing ample opportunities for their expansion and evolution, allowing them to reach their complete possibility.

Central to our approach is the creation of a cooperative and supportive work atmosphere. We encourage open communication, foster teamwork, and embrace diverse perspectives. By valuing the creativity and innovation of our team members, we empower them to bring fresh ideas to the table and push the boundaries of what is possible.

How do you incorporate creative ideas to differentiate yourself?

The innovation lies at the heart of our approach at Class Act, as we recognize its power to differentiate us and establish a unique value proposition in the dynamic events industry. We are committed to continuously introducing fresh and creative ideas that set our clients’ events apart and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

To achieve this, we proactively stay ahead of industry trends, immersing ourselves in the latest technologies and approaches. By embracing new innovations, we are able to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions that enhance the overall event experience. Our forward-thinking mindset enables us to adapt to evolving market dynamics and leverage emerging opportunities.

Through our dedication to innovation, we not just elevate our own brand image but even support the growth and advancement of the events industry in the UAE. By pushing the boundaries of what is possible and demonstrating the value of creative thinking, we inspire others to explore new avenues and embrace innovation as a driving force for success.

Message to your customers and viewers

I encourage viewers to wholeheartedly pursue their passions and fearlessly embark on their entrepreneurial journey. Resilience is key in navigating the challenges that arise along the way. Continually invest in your private and professional evolution, sharpening your skills and staying attuned to market opportunities.

The UAE provides a vibrant and dynamic business environment, teeming with immense possibilities for growth and success. Embrace the diverse range of opportunities available and seize them with enthusiasm. Embrace challenges as valuable learning experiences that propel you closer to your goals.

Never lose sight of your aspirations and maintain unwavering dedication to your vision. Hard work, combined with a forward-thinking mindset, will propel you toward achieving remarkable accomplishments. Remember, success is the culmination of perseverance, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

In this inspiring journey of entrepreneurship, be bold, be persistent, and be open to innovation. The UAE’s entrepreneurial landscape holds boundless potential, awaiting those who are willing to take risks and turn their dreams into reality. Embrace the possibilities, believe in your capabilities, and unlock your full potential to accomplish extraordinary feats.

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