Zachary Mannheimer is Using 3D-Printed Technology to Revive the American Dream of Affordable Homeownership

Zachary Mannheimer is the founder and CEO of Alquist 3D and also the CEO at Atlas Community Studios. He is an encouraging businessman who never stopped trying something new. The story of his journey impressed us with how he kept looking around and finally began Atlas Community Studies. Being prime in Theater and Philosophy, he is an inventive personality who always stays encouraged.

Through Alquist 3D, Zachary makes extreme layouts while also assisting to lessen housing charges. Alquist 3D is printing cost-effective housing around the country, beginning with the first owner-occupied 3D house in the globe in Virginia.

The corporation does all the creating and planning through 3D printing technology. Every homeowner desires invention, and Alquist 3D set the targets to delight and complete those cravings with affordability and stability. You can also get Alquist 3D on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

With over ten years of the market, Mr. Zachary and his staff are performing towards forming a good present and future. Moreover, their four years of experience, knowledge, and specialization in 3DCP make them stand out in comparison to their competitors.

His goals at Alquist 3D are to get the new combination to smaller communities by making cost-effective, inventive, and stable homes. Utilizing amazing 3D printing technology, Alquist assists lift economically afflicted and under-served communities by decreasing the cost of forming the single-family, blend-utilized, multifamily, and senior-living houses they require to flourish.

Their biggest strength is their market knowledge. For the last ten years, they are performing with their sister corporation, Atlas Community Studios, in rural communities in 27 states. Atlas has formed economic evolvement and inventive placemaking plans for more than 100 communities, but the #1 requirement is housing, so they built Alquist.

Mr. Zachary began Alquist to complete the requirements of Americans who can’t afford to make a roof on their heads. The American vision is damaged. Housing costs are through the roof, and several rural communities are struggling to manage the continuously increasing costs of requirements for houses. They wish to give cost-effective houses to permit rural and 

ineligible communities to flourish.

Alquist is one of the only printing corporations internationally that don’t make their machines or material. They see around 50 more corporations such as their coming online in the next 2-3 years, and they are giving licenses and rapports to corporations to assist them to get beginning. They also watch each formation corporation employing a few kinds of 3DCP machines on their job sites by 2025.

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