Dubai Press Club Unveils Robust Schedule of Events During AMF 2023

The Dubai Press Club (DPC), the organizer of the Arab Media Forum (AMF), has revealed an expansive agenda for the 21st edition of the event, taking place from September 26-27, 2023. As the largest gathering of media professionals in the region, this year’s AMF revolves around the theme “The Future of Arab Media.”

The event’s agenda comprises a rich lineup of enlightening sessions, panel conversations, and workshops, all centered around two key themes: the impact of artificial intelligence on the media and the wider inventive landscape, as well as the urgent global commitment to sustainability. Additionally, the Forum will delve into the influence of film and drama as potent sources of soft power.

Media Hub 

Recognizing the pivotal role that media organizations play in contributing to the success of the event, AMF will feature a dedicated Media Hub equipped with all the essential facilities needed for comprehensive coverage.

Alia Al Theeb, Director of the Strategic Media Affairs Department at the Government of Dubai Media Office and a member of AMF’s Organizing Committee, emphasized the media’s crucial partnership in extending the Forum’s influence regionally and globally, as well as in furthering its mission to explore and seamlessly integrate new technologies that hold the potential to reshape the industry’s future.

To ensure that journalists covering sessions on-site have a frictionless experience, the Media Hub provides high-speed internet connectivity and access to the latest technological tools.

Al Theeb also noted that the organizing team has been actively collaborating with a variety of media associations and reporters over the previous few weeks to adjust their specific range of needs.

Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) Signing Ceremonies 

Highlighting its commitment as a dedicated platform for promoting collaboration and the establishment of partnerships to expedite media advancement in the region, AMF 2023 is set to host ceremonies for the signing of numerous cooperation agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MoU). 

According to Mahfoudha Saleh, a Member of AMF’s Organizing Committee, these agreements will place special emphasis on enhancing the skills and abilities of media practitioners, with a particular focus on the youth, and facilitating fresh routes for the discussion of thoughts and experiences within the industry. 

Book Signings and Literary Discussions 

AMF 2023 is proud to host three distinguished creative writers who will be engaging in book signing sessions for their latest works. Among them, Osama Abdel Raouf El-Shazli will be autographing copies of his novel, ‘Awraq Shamoon Al-Misri’ (The Papers of Shimon the Egyptian). 

Additionally, Lebanese novelist Dr. Khaled Ghattass will be available for book signings of ‘This is Not What I Wrote,’ while Emirati novelist Reem Al-Kamali will be signing her novel, ‘Rose’s Diary.’

These accomplished authors will also be actively participating in sessions during AMF, where they will share insights into their literary journeys and creative processes.

Ruqaya Al Jaberi, a Member of AMF’s Organizing Committee, emphasized that the inclusion of these accomplished writers underscores the Forum’s dedication to nurturing innovative thought and constructive dialogue. This commitment, she noted, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the academic and innovative landscape, not only within the UAE but even throughout the broader Arab world. 

By providing a platform for these writers, the Forum offers a distinct opportunity for them to convey their ideas and partake in substantive discussions regarding their literary contributions. This, in turn, fosters a valuable discussion of views and understandings among players.

Proudly from Dubai’s Showcase at the Arab Media Forum and Youth Media Forum 

In conjunction with the Arab Media Forum (AMF) and the Youth Media Forum, scheduled a day prior to AMF, both events will highlight the participation of eight locally-based F&B establishments from the ‘Proudly from Dubai’ network. This initiative, spearheaded by Brand Dubai, the creative entity of the Government of Dubai Media Office, is dedicated to showcasing the success narratives of dynamic and pioneering enterprises that originated and flourished within the vibrant landscape of Dubai.

Shaima Al Suwaidi, who serves as both the Director of Brand Dubai and a Member of AMF’s Organizing Committee, expressed – 

“Our objective with the ‘Proudly from Dubai’ initiative is to shine a spotlight on the remarkable entrepreneurial journeys that have unfolded within Dubai. This initiative serves as a testament to Dubai’s extraordinary success narrative, its ascent as a global business epicenter, and its role as a launching pad for visionary individuals with innovative aspirations. Brand Dubai remains dedicated to providing the members of this initiative with a platform to showcase their outstanding culinary creations, thereby further elevating their visibility.”

Unique AI Artwork Exhibition 

The upcoming Forum will feature an extraordinary AI artwork titled ‘Machine Hallucinations — Nature Dreams,’ created by the renowned new media artist, Refik Anadol. This AI artwork delves deep into the realm of data aesthetics, drawing from the collective visual memories of humanity. ‘Machine Hallucinations — Nature Dreams’ is a product of over 300 million publicly available nature photographs collected between 2018 and 2021 at Refik Anadol Studio.

Hessa Al Matrooshi, a Member of AMF’s Organizing Committee, pointed out that this artwork acts as a testament to the transformative leverage of AI in the realm of creativity. It underscores how this technology is on the brink of revolutionizing not only the media industry but also various other sectors. The art exhibition reflects the Forum’s commitment to providing participants with a firsthand encounter with significant advancements in this continually evolving landscape.

Vintage Film Poster Exhibition 

In a thrilling new addition, the Arab Media Forum is set to take attendees on a nostalgic voyage back to the enchanting era of classic cinema. This captivating journey through time will come to life through a curated gallery featuring vintage film posters, some of which date back to the 1950s and 1960s. The collection is generously presented by Abed Bibi, a Dubai resident and one of the foremost collectors of these cherished relics from the history of cinema.

Ayesha BinKalli, a Member of AMF’s Organizing Committee, emphasized that this gallery, which showcases carefully selected posters from some of the most iconic films of that bygone age, acts as a poignant reminder of the outstanding quality and greatness of Arab cinema throughout that period. Often hailed as the golden age of Egyptian cinema, this era marked the zenith of Egyptian cinema’s influence and reputation across the Arab world. Ayesha further explained that the exhibition is conceived as a tribute to the art of cinema, a potent source of soft power.

Introducing ‘MAi’ – Your State-of-the-Art Virtual Assistant 

AMF is proud to announce the debut of ‘MAi,’ a cutting-edge virtual assistant equipped with AI technology. MAi will be readily available to provide event-related information to guests in Arabic and various other languages. This AI-powered virtual assistant will be conveniently accessible throughout the Madinat Jumeirah venue, catering to the anticipated 3,000 attendees expected to join the Forum.

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