Jihad Talks About Pharmatrade and Its Journey 

Jihad Hussami is the General Manager of the Medical and laboratory divisions of the Pharmatrade. Pharmatrade is one of the prime allocation corporations in the United Arab Emirates that supplies a wide array of medical and pharmaceutical products.

The Pharmatrade Group includes five affiliated corporations

Pharmatrade LLC – was formed in 1977 and classified into 3 sections: Medical, Pharmaceutical, and laboratory, each one describing several participants in the committed sectors of forte.

Symed LLC – Formed in 2002, has extended over the past some years from the foremost imaging solutions to a broad array of products and services concentrated on several clinal needs.

Community Health Solutions LLC – Since 2006, this set the targets to reach the lives of people throughout the United Arab Emirates and make healthcare solutions easily reachable. Next to giving pharmacy products online, they give a broad range of health and care products in more than 15 CHS community pharmacy media in the emirate of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

Pharmaserve FZCO, and Medysinal FZCO – This was formed in 1997. This makes Pharmaceutical products under their private brand and obtains quality branded generics at cost-effective prices. Products are manufactured in UAE, Europe, and Australia in amenities adhering to the GMP needs.

Through Pharmatrade, Jihad set the target to give the best products and services to partners and clients. During his profession, Jihad has formed techniques to operate profitability in complicated and demanding rising markets, which comprise East Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. Jihad is a motivational businessman and servant director who works at his best in his efforts.

Explain the background of yourself and your company 

Headquartered in the Dubai emirate, Pharmatrade has been in business for 45 years. This is a major allocation corporation in the United Arab Emirates, supplying a wide array of Medical and Pharmaceutical products from more than 30 Multinational corporations in the Healthcare sector. With more than 5,000 products in its offering, the corporation has a remarkable stake in the healthcare market including both private and government sectors.

The distribution network of Pharmatrade comprises clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centers, laboratories, and retail pharmacies throughout the UAE. Specifically, the corporation is categorized into three sections – Medical, Pharmaceutical, and laboratory, each one shows many prim players in their determined sectors of specialty. The corporation has ample offices and warehousing features in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

We, in the Medical and Laboratory sections provide a wider array of small to huge laboratory supplies, from regular routine blood sugar testing to disposables, technical testing products, and diabetes self-management solutions, and collection of reagents for a broad array of products to complete the requirements of hospitals and other healthcare units through a virtual allocation connection that makes sure the offering of products timely. We have Tendering and Customer Services Departments in Abu Dhabi and Dubai to give all the UAE healthcare accounts showing internationally known manufacturers in the sectors Laboratory, Medical, Biotechnology, and Consumer Healthcare.

What are your goals 

Our goal is to constantly give the best services & products to our clients and partners. Our skills that have myriad backgrounds and experience and personal dedication to clients are our biggest power. We concentrated on forming robust client rapports and giving the best resolutions for healthcare requirements throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Why did you start this company?

I trust that our clients are able to get only the most reasonable. My goal as General Manager of Pharmatrade is to constantly aid our partners, by giving excellent healthcare services to clients and eventually to patients. Growing demand throughout the pandemic, with narrow supply and logistical difficulties.

Differences in the go-to-market standard for a few of our partners, so standing elegant and adjustable to new directions assisted us to sustain robust rapport with our partners and unlocked the door to allure new partners.

How do you envision the company changing in two years, and how will you lead the change?

Extending into Digital Healthcare, hence we can help clients’ requirements in integration. We’re committed to giving the best services, we are honest to our clients and partners, and we have to best skills to aid our clients. We are trusted and dedicated to giving on-time solutions to our clients.

Pharmatrade, as an overall healthcare solutions provider, gives clinics, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories a diverse portfolio of products arraying from medical supplies and hospital appliances to consumer health products.

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