Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing Management with Artificial Intelligence

What Is Your Company Name and Contacts?

Who are the Founders and Co-Founders of the Company?

Founders and Co-Founders:

  • Cristina Passione Calò
  • Oscar S.
  • Mohammed Shahid Khan

We established Starflare with the aim of revolutionizing the influencer marketing industry and its management through artificial intelligence. All three of us share a deep passion and a unified vision to make Starflare the best global platform for connecting and managing creators and companies.

A complete journey about Starflare? When you have started, how and where?

I launched our first influencer marketing platform in Italy in 2021 and achieved incredible results. Starflare represents the technological evolution of our initial startup. Starflare was established in January 2024 in Dubai, within one of the largest accelerators in the United Arab Emirates. It embodies years of market experience and knowledge. We are the first company to truly merge the worlds of influencer marketing and artificial intelligence. We are introducing the first super app for influencers and UGC creators, as well as a pioneering system for companies, managers, and agencies. This system enables them to manage all their advertising campaigns in a single platform—from selecting influencers and initiating campaigns to managing them and compensating creators—all effortlessly facilitated by Starflare’s AI-powered platform.

With Starflare, creators and companies will no longer struggle to connect and collaborate for their marketing camapigns.

The Journey of Founder and Co-Founders?

I began my career as an influencer and social media manager. Over the years, I’ve collaborated with more than 100 companies and gained insights into the inner workings of the social and influencer marketing industries. I’ve co-founded successful, funded startups, and as CEO of Starflare, my sole objective is to elevate it to greatness.

Our co-founder, Oscar S., serves as our COO and brings decades of experience as a sales and marketing director. He understands the intricacies of the business and the challenges managers encounter when sourcing and managing influencers.

Mohamed Shahid Khan, also our CTO and co-founder, is an AI expert with extensive experience in developing cutting-edge technology systems, some of which are utilized by government agencies.

Our collective experiences and shared visions have given rise to STARFLARE.

Who are Your Customers? And have You Supplied it to Anyone? What is the Feedback?

Our app caters to all creators, while our platform for companies is designed as a comprehensive management tool for businesses and agencies. This versatility is made possible by our AI, which customizes budget and advertising campaigns based on individual needs and objectives. Whether it’s a company launching its first advertising campaign or a manager overseeing 100 influencer marketing campaigns a month, our portal offers an intuitive and user-friendly management solution for all.

We currently oversee more than 4,000 creators across Europe and the GCC. With the initial version of our platform, we’ve launched over 80 advertising campaigns, including those for major multinational corporations. The response has been overwhelmingly positive; creators are in need of tools to streamline their work, while managers seek efficient solutions for budget management.

service to companies through our advanced management system, enabling them to efficiently and effortlessly manage their campaigns.

Is there any breakeven?

Influencer marketing and the AI market are rapidly evolving sectors, with the most significant investment being in human resources. We anticipate reaching our BEP by the end of 2026.

Your website and social media pages.


LinkedIn: Starflare.AI

Are you looking for investors? If yes then how much?

We are seeking investors who believe in our project and share our vision. We’re targeting a market projected to reach $500 billion by 2028 for influencer marketing and an estimated $X billion by 2044 for artificial intelligence.

In this pre-seed fundraising stage, we’re not just seeking capital; we’re looking for investors who recognize the current significance of social media and the transformative impact that Starflare brings to the market. Social media is gradually replacing television as a primary entertainment source, and no company can effectively position itself or raise awareness of its products or services without investing in influencer marketing.

Since launching our waitlist, we’ve garnered over a thousand subscribers in less than a month. We’re not a startup of the future; we’re the startup of the present. Our project has the potential to generate revenue from day one, which we believe is a compelling proposition for investors.

Message to your customers and viewers

We’ll soon be launching the advanced, high-tech version of our platform in the market. We invite all creators, influencers, and companies to join the waitlist and be among the first to test and benefit from it.

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