Top 10 Indian Women Entrepreneurs In UAE

Undoubtedly, Indian women entrepreneurs are playing a significant role in shaping dynamic teams across various industries worldwide, and Dubai is no exception. As a city and emirate known for its ultramodern infrastructure, luxurious shopping, and vibrant tourism, Dubai offers a fertile ground for both men and women to showcase their corporate skills without gender bias.

With excellent trade relations globally, Dubai has emerged as a hub for expat women seeking to leverage their talents and excel in their careers. It is heartening to witness an increasing number of women occupying top leadership positions across organizations in Dubai, breaking barriers and inspiring future generations. These women leaders are actively contributing to Dubai’s growth and success, making it a beacon of gender equality and professional opportunities for all.

At Best Startup Story Magazine, our mission has always been to shine a spotlight on exceptional Indian women entrepreneurs making their mark across diverse geographies and industries. Staying true to our motto, the latest issue of the magazine showcases a prestigious list of “Top 10 Indian Women Entrepreneurs in UAE.” These trailblazing women have defied all odds and achieved remarkable success in the dynamic business landscape of the UAE. 

List of Top Indian Women Entrepreneurs In UAE

VANDANA JOSHI – Start Any Business 

Vandana Joshi, an extraordinary Indian women entrepreneurs, is renowned for her remarkable contributions to the UAE’s business ecosystem. Armed with a passion for empowering aspiring business owners, Vandana founded Start Any Business, a dynamic business consultancy firm that provides comprehensive solutions for setting up companies in the UAE’s dynamic market.

With a vision to assist budding entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams, Vandana has spearheaded numerous successful business ventures, ensuring her clients receive expert guidance at every step of their entrepreneurial journey. Through her exceptional leadership, Start Any Business has earned a reputation for offering tailored services, unparalleled expertise, and personalized attention to each client.’


Alisa D’Souza is a seasoned professional in the PR industry, boasting an impressive work experience of over 20 years. Her expertise lies in strategic thinking, creativity, and providing innovative solutions that build credibility for her clients. 

As the founder of Alisa PR, she has successfully carved a niche for herself in the competitive PR landscape of the UAE. Alisa’s ability to navigate the complexities of public relations while delivering impactful results has earned her a reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for businesses seeking to enhance their brand presence.

ESHA D’SOUZA – Corporate Group 

With a diverse career spanning more than 17 years, Esha D’Souza has established herself as a passionate business leader. Her expertise lies in simplifying the complexities of audit, accounting, and legal matters, enabling businesses to focus on growth and development. 

As a driving force behind Corporate Group, Esha’s strategic approach to financial management has assisted numerous organizations in achieving their business goals and navigating the challenging business landscape with confidence.


Gayatri Pandey is a dynamic marketing professional known for her creative passion and process-oriented approach. With excellent communication and interpersonal skills, she excels in connecting brands to their target audience through impactful marketing strategies. 

As a leading member of Reyod, Gayatri’s contributions have been instrumental in driving growth and brand recognition for the organization, solidifying its position in the competitive market.

NIYATI PATEL – Pathway Group International 

Niyati Patel is a big data expert with a rich background in the fashion retail and consulting field. With over a decade of experience, she possesses exceptional problem-solving skills and strong forecasting and analysis capabilities. 

Niyati’s expertise in leveraging data-driven insights has helped businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead of market trends. As an integral part of Pathway Group International, she plays a crucial role in guiding businesses toward success in a rapidly evolving market.


Prerna Challu Fogat is an energetic aviation specialist with decades of asset wisdom and industry experience. Her wealth of expertise is backed by strong industry relationships, allowing her to navigate the aviation sector with ease. 

As a prominent figure at Norse Aviation, Prerna’s dedication and deep understanding of the aviation industry have been instrumental in facilitating smooth operations and driving growth for the organization.


Ranjitha Raghavan is an environment enthusiast on a mission to combat plastic-based packaging issues and promote sustainable alternatives. Her entrepreneurial journey with Back To Nature aims to put an end to plastic consumption and global waste through eco-friendly solutions. 

Ranjitha’s commitment to environmental preservation has earned her accolades and recognition as a leader in the sustainable packaging industry.


Roshni S. Nair Jain is a business leader with a keen ability to comprehend customers’ demands and provide innovative solutions to address their business challenges. With over two decades of work experience, Roshni has become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to optimize their business processes and achieve greater efficiency. 

As a key player at Spocto, she plays a pivotal role in driving the organization’s success and helping clients achieve their business objectives.


Sheena Nedumparambath is an inspiring business Indian women entrepreneurs with an advanced concept for uniting brands to customers through interactive and measurable technologies. Her leadership at Insprago Creative Digital Media has led to the development of impactful digital strategies, propelling brands to new heights in the digital space. 

Sheena’s devotion to innovation and creativity has earned her recognition as a leading name in the digital media industry.

SHRISTI RAJAK – Top Accounts 

Shristi Rajak is a prominent business entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the UAE. Her expertise spans performing audits, accounting, tax, financial reporting, and more. 

As a reliable financial partner for businesses, Shristi’s proficiency in designing business processes and providing accurate financial insights has helped organizations achieve financial stability and growth. Her contributions at Top Accounts have made her an invaluable asset to the organization and clients alike.

These remarkable Indian women entrepreneurs in the UAE represent a diverse range of industries and showcase exceptional leadership, dedication, and expertise. Their inspiring journeys serve as a testament to the boundless possibilities for women in the UAE’s thriving business landscape, and they continue to break barriers, set new standards, and pave the way for future generations of women entrepreneurs.

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