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Drs. Dereck A.J. Hoogenkamp is a management advisor, Real Estate Guru, Prop Tech, Global Entrepreneur, Tech, and MetaVerse professional. The targets and views of Drs. Dereck A.J. Hoogenkamp is remarkable and encouraging, where he set the targets to sustain balance in life with work standards, faith, and truthfulness. He has a helping personality and feels that one must comply with their instinct. He is a motivational and encouraging personality who concentrates more on positivity in life which is greatly visible through his social media manages on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Drs, Dereck is the owner and managing director of Yalla Limited and Yalla Properties, Asia, and EMEA. He is also a prime partner of many other corporations. He contributes remarkable knowledge and experience customizing into solutions merged with the deep, structuring, funding, in-house advisory, creating, Hospitality, giving prime technology, Biometric, and Real-estate assignments around international markets.

His prime engagement has remarkably changed the exposure and sales volume of many unique assignments well about levels that may otherwise have been accomplished. It was gained by masterminding the reforming, and familiarizing the purpose of the sales in a much better-described direction set the targeted at the most forthcoming investors or purchaser components.

Transformative work at Bloom Holdings om 2015-2017 in the Middle East lifted the trained active e-broker from a few 40 to 275, growing annual sales from $100m to USD 750m annually. Before that, he played a major part in the success of the greatly acclaimed “Al Barari” evolvement in the Dubai emirate, where Drs. Derek was liable for forming and handling the whole sales team including 800 active brokers at its height and also marketing, inaugurating, and producing record-holding sales of hundreds of USD within days for separate assignments.

During the decade of the 2000s, Drs. Dereck performed on many multi-billion resorts, he was a prime partner through the plaza Naranja group, which provided robust connections between many hotel chains, evolvers of prime blend-utilized assignments globally, and the Jet Republic. Amongst others, one of the prime networks for UHNWIs is centric on porter and private jet services. Drs. Dereck has sustained a robust connection to these networks and investor clusters.

Year by year, Drs. Dereck has also been a successful businessman forming many successful hospitality venues, blockchain, telecom, and crypto-related happenings. His major target is to balance life, perform with morals, faith, truthfulness, and support others.

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