Top Adventure Activities in Dubai 


Along with its business opportunities and adventurous activity, Dubai is quite famous for its traditional and street food. If you are planning to explore Dubai to feed your daredevil or want to do adventure activities in Dubai, then we have made a list of the best adventure activities in Dubai. So you pick according to your choice or what you want to experience. 

So tie your seat belt to enter the world of adventures like desert Safaris, indoor Skydiving, Underwater zoos, and many others. Here you experience the best adventure activities and also capture the best moments of your life. 

Top Adventure Activities (Video)

1. Bungee Jumping

You hear many times that people dream of Bungee jumping and this activity is counted as the best and most thrilling activity in the world. When we discuss adventure activities in Dubai we cannot forget Bungee Jumping. No activity is more adventurous than being flung from a grand height. So in your Dubai adventure activity list, you must add Bungee Jumping. This activity is full of excitement and gives you a thrilling experience. 

To do this activity, safely and tightly tie your ankle, and jump from a 160-foot-high platform. If you are afraid to jump for such a great height then you can jump with your family member or friends, in a group, and also with an expert. Jumping with an expert is called tandem jumping, if you are terrified of jumping or doing a first-time jumping activity then tandem jumping is best for you compared to top Bungee jumping. 


    • Location- Dubai Gravity Zone

    • Price-AED 441

Bungee Jumping

2. Parasailing – Adventure Activities in Dubai

This is another best adventure activities to do in Dubai. Parasailing is the sole adventure water activity that you must partake in in your life. If you love water or sky then this is the finest movement for you. In this mind-blowing activity, you experience an aerial view of crystal clear Dubai water and indeterminable sky. A powerful boat that is capable of towing three people at one time hooked by a safety tackle to your parasail. With this activity, you can get the experience of thrill water activity and also get a memorable cityscape by flying above 260 meters from the water level. The combination of water and skyscraping make this one of the most adventure activities in Dubai.


    • Location- Jumeirah Beach

    • Price- AED 399


3. Sand Boarding

This activity is similar to snowboarding or skiing, but there is a twist in that it is done amidst the golden desert. You can experience this amazing adventure activity in Dubai, with your desert Safari. This activity is similar to snowboarding, your shoes have to be strapped onto a trusty sandboard, and guides share tips on how to stay safe, and a few tricks to manage the balance of the board. Ready for your driving, wearing all necessary safety gear like helmets, and elbow pads. This is the best experience to skate and skim on the sand of the city desert. To enjoy this sand sport, you have to be 13 years old. Sandboarding is counted as the most favorite adventure activities in Dubai for thrill lovers. Dubai is the only place where you experience sandboarding.


    • Location- Arabian Desert

    • Price- 185

Sand Boarding

4. Wild Wadi Water Park

We all know that Dubai’s temperature is boiling hot in summer. To escape the sweltering heat, deliver some water activity or park. In the list of water parks, Wild Wadi Water Park is ranked first. These pools deliver several adventure activities like adrenaline-fueled rides, thrill junkies, and aquatic roller coasters. In Wild Wadi Water Park available rides for all ages, here your children experience amazing water activities. This park offers the best and over 30 ranges of rides for people. The real attraction of this park is its Arabian folklore theme, based on the legend of Joha. The famous rides of this park like Burj Surj, Tantrum Alley, and Flow Ride. 


    • Location-Jumeirah Street, Next to Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

    • Price- AED 249

Wild Wadi Water Park

5. Wakeboarding

If you are a water lover or love to do activity in water then Wakeboarding adventure activities in Dubai is best for you. This is the best water sport. In this activity, you simply stand over a wakeboard and for the initial thrill, they use a unique strategy. But when you get out of the water, it becomes easily manageable. Wakeboarding is easy to learn and has become the world’s most popular board sport. This activity brings out the adventure junkie in you. 


    • Location- Jumeirah Beach

    • Price- AED 265


6. Flyboarding

Flyboarding is counted as one of the most adventurous activities and you must try this mind-blowing activity on your Dubai trip at least once in your lifetime. In this activity, you experience the joy of flying over the water and this activity is done with the help of a water propulsion apparatus affixed to it that permits you to enjoy the amazing landscape of Dubai at the speed of 40 kilometers. In Dubai, Flyboarding is one of the most stimulating and extraordinary adventure activities in Dubai and delivers a unique and unforgettable experience. To do this thrilling activity in Dubai, the best season is winter.


    • Location- Nemo Water Sports, Umm Suqeim

    • Price- 244


7.Zip Lining

To complete this activity, you spend a few minutes but believe, in this limited time, you experience a huge thrill. The Zip lining is the most supreme adventure activity in Dubai. In this activity, you tie on a zip that is straight hooked to the ground from a height of 1,800 feet above. The few minutes of completing this straight line occur at 60-70 km per hour, giving you the most thrilling experience of your life that you will never forget. To do this activity, you must be 10 years old and the minimum height should be 130 cm tall.


    • Location- Dubai Marina X Line 

    • Price- AED 530

Zip Lining


SkiDubai is one of the most widespread visitor termini in Dubai. This is the world’s most extensive indoor Ski slope that opens in the Middle East. Here you experience snow in summer and fly over the ice. In SkiDubai, you enjoy many activities like snow parks, slopes, ski school, snowboarding, chair lifts, and snow bullets. Also, see penguins, take selfies with them, and play with them. If it’s your first time to do skiing, then professional instructions in ski dubai, teach you skiing and snowboarding and make an unforgettable experience for you. 


    • Location- Mall of the Emirates 

    • Price- AED 241


9. Aquaventure Waterpark

For waterpark lovers, Aquaventure Waterpark is the best place to see on your Dubai trip. This is also a prime destination in Dubai for tourists. The Aquaventure waterpark is the world’s largest waterpark and its thrilling activity counts this place as the most adventurous activities in Dubai. It has 105 different slides and rides, and some of the highest and largest in the world. Along with rides, you also see water animals, and private beaches and there is a specific children’s play area including kid-friendly tunnels, tubes, slides, and climbing frames. The famous rides in this park are Leap of Faith, The Scarier Sister, and Cliff Jumps. 


    • Price- AED 314

Aquaventure Waterpark

10.SkyDive Dubai

This is another adventure activity to do in Dubai.SkyDive gives you a breathtaking experience of free-fall and parachute ride. Many people come to Dubai to do this activity. If you do SkyDrive for the first time, then professional instructions will guide you through the whole process. The tandem skydiving, solo skydiving, and flight school rides for experienced persons. Along with rides, you can enjoy a private gyrocopter flight around Dubai. That gives you an amazing experience of seeing Dubai from the sky. 


    • Location- Palm Jumeirah

    • Price- AED 2,299

SkyDive Dubai

11. Desert Safari

This counts as one of the finest adventure activities in Dubai. No one can beat this desert safari adventure activity experience, this is a thrilling adventure ride. If you love to run cars then adventure activity in desert safari is for you. You can also experience roller coaster rides on a desert safari and drive through the golden sand. 


    • Location- Arabian Desert

    • Price- AED 132

Desert Safari

12. Dune Bashing

This is the best family adventure activity in Dubai, and this activity is a mixture of adventure and fun. A Hummer is a type of vehicle that is used in this activity. Along with this activity, you can do camel safari and sandboarding in the Dubai Desert. In the Dubai desert tour, you capture the beautiful sunset and also enjoy barbeque dinner and Arabian Coffee.


    • Location- Arabian Desert

    • Price- AED 176

Dune Bashing

13. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the most prevalent adventure activities in Dubai. In this activity, you experience voting in the alluring water of Dubai. Start with padding throughout the bubbling waters amongst the serene ambiance of Dubai.


    • Location- Hydro Watersports

    • Price- AED 83


14.KidZania Dubai

KidZania is an indoor activity area or cityscape park for children and adults. This is a real-life mini version, a dreamy city with its streets, buildings, and its own economy. On your Dubai trip, you must add this place for your children. Here they explore education, entertainment, food, healthcare, and teamwork, and do work activities like food serving, and housekeeping. This place delivers little adventure activities in Dubai for kids. There is a game room, where children make new friends and play with them. 


    • Location- Dubai Mall, Downtown

    • Price- AED 195

KidZania Dubai

15. Skydiving

In this activity, you will bounce from a height of 4,000 meters, experience a bird’s eye outlook of the Dubai skyline and you can also capture the best vista of the largest building Burj Al Arab. Skydiving is popular in Dubai and chosen by many locals and tourists. If it’s your first time to do skydiving don’t worry, professional trainers guide you and provide safe instruction to make your ride the best. 


    • Location- Al Seyahi Street

    • Price- AED 1,326


16. IMG World of Adventure

This park is located at a minimum of 1.5 square feet and delivers the most thrilling activity. If you are an adventure lover who comes to the UAE to explore adventure activities in Dubai then this place is ideal for you. IMG World of Adventure, a themed amusement park, is divided into 5 epic zones. Two zones present Cartoon Network and Marvel, and 3 present NoVo cinemas and Dinosaur Adventure. This is the first theme-based mega park in Dubai. Here you can do many activities like animatronic dinosaur structures, famous cartoon characters, thrilling rides, and also explore Marvel superheroes. 


    • Location- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

    • Price- AED 212

IMG World of Adventure


KiteSurfing is the most adventurous water activity in Dubai. If you love to play with water or to do water activities then KiteSurfing is best for you. December is the perfect time to go kite surfing on Dubai beaches. 


    • Location- Kite Beach

    • Price- AED 700


18. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you love to see aquatic species or want to take selfies with them then Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the best place for you, and you can visit with your family. In this underwater zoo, you see over 140 aquatic species, sharks, rays, tigers sharks, and Giant groupers. This zoo design is fully transparent, you can easily capture aquatic species activity and get a beautiful and memorable experience with these water species. Along with this, you can also enjoy several adventure activities in Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.


    • Location- Downtown Dubai

    • Price- AED 145

Dubai Aquarium

19. Ferrari World Yas Island

This is also the most adventurous activity park in Dubai. Here you can experience the highest roller coaster ride and also try a daring roof walk. This is a theme-based park, you can do zip lining and skyline here. This park breaks the 20-record attraction and is the tallest space-frame structure on the planet.


    • Location- Abu Dhabi

    • Price- AED 345

Ferrari World Yas Island

20. Hot AIR Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is the most stimulating and adventure activities in Dubai. Must add this activity to explore on your Dubai trip. Experience this mind-blowing activity in the morning, to see the beautiful sunrise and experience the fresh air. Hot air balloons are one of Dubai’s most adventurous and mind-blowing rides.


    • Location- Situated Next to Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

    • Price- AED 764

Hot AIR Balloon Ride

21. Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is the best destination for indoor activities. In this place, you see many dolphins that attract you with their activity, like jumping, and playing with a ball and you can also swim with them. This is a pleasant and unforgettable moment in your life that you experienced here. This is the best zone to see with family and children. 


    • Location- Creek Park, Umm Hurair Road 

    • Price- AED 303

Dubai Dolphinarium

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Dubai famous for?

Dubai is famous for its striking modern architecture, exemplified by the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel. Dubai is the best place for adventure seekers who can try all kinds of air, land as well as water sports.

What is dune bashing in Dubai?

Dune bashing is an exhilarating desert adventure popular in Dubai. It involves driving 4×4 vehicles, typically SUVs or dune buggies, over sand dunes in the desert. Skilled drivers navigate the rugged terrain, ascending steep dunes and descending at high speeds, providing a thrilling and roller-coaster-like experience. Dune bashing offers a unique way to explore the desert’s vast landscapes, showcasing its stunning natural beauty.

What age can you indoor skydive?

The minimum age for indoor sky diving is at least 3 years. Kids under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by a guardian to sign their waiver for indoor skydiving.

What sports are popular in Dubai?

Dubai has a diverse sporting culture that reflects its cosmopolitan population and its commitment to promoting sports and active lifestyles. Some of the most popular sports and sporting activities in Dubai include:
1. Golf
2. Horse Racing
3. Watersports
4. Motor Sports
5. Extreme Sports

Are adventure activities safe in Dubai?

 Yes, adventure activities in Dubai are generally safe. Operators follow safety protocols, and the city has stringent regulations to ensure the well-being of participants in various adventures.

What do you wear to dune bashing Dubai?

When going dune bashing in Dubai, wear lightweight, breathable clothing to combat the desert’s heat. Opt for long sleeves and long pants to protect against the sun and potential sand irritation. You should also wear sunglasses and a hat to be safe from the sun and sand.

Which are the best indoor activities in Dubai?

Dubai offers a variety of indoor activities, including:

1. Shopping: Explore the luxurious malls, such as Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

2. Indoor Skiing: Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates offers indoor skiing and snowboarding.

3. Indoor Theme Parks: Visit IMG Worlds of Adventure and Motiongate Dubai.

4. Dubai Aquarium: Explore marine life at the Dubai Aquarium in Dubai Mall.

5. Cultural Experiences: Discover heritage at Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Historic District.

Which are the best outdoor activities in Dubai?

The best outdoor activities in Dubai include desert safaris for dune bashing and camel rides, beach days at Jumeirah and Kite Beach, thrilling watersports, golfing at world-class courses, mountain biking in Hatta, skydiving over Palm Jumeirah, hot air ballooning, wildlife safaris, and outdoor markets for shopping and culture.

Which are the best places to visit in Dubai at night?

The most amazing places to visit in Dubai at night for an amazing vacation:
1. Dubai Marina
2. Dubai Creek
3. Dubai Fountain
4. Dubai Opera
5. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo